Word Vomit

in Lifestyle, mental health, 25th April 2018

I feel like my medication has stopped working.

In fact, It’s as though I am back at square one with all the emotional stuff. Annnndddd… to add insult to injury I’m more exhausted than I’ve ever been in my entire life. WTF!

It’s like the tiny 10mg dosage I’m currently taking is having the exact opposite effect and is in fact making my already boggled brain even worse.

The thing is… I really don’t want to deal with my GP again so I’ve decided I’m going to do one of these three things:

  1. Quit life. Lock my doors. Wear comfies all day long and order all of my food on Just Eat, while binge watching all of the TV shows in existence.
  2. Take up meditation. Go barefoot, wear a flower crown on my head and chant my mantra aloud for all to hear.
  3. Go to bed and not get back up until Theresa May leaves Downing Street, Trump is impeached, chocolate is no longer fattening for you and they make the next Sex & The City movie.

I’m leaning more towards option 3 as I’m really desperate for another SATC movie.

Why can’t Sarah-Jessica Parker and Kim Cattrall just kiss and make up, it’s so upsetting that they’re not “bffs” in real life. 🙁

So yeah… that’s where my heads at.

Happy Wednesday lovelies! 😀

D x

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