Being a mum of a toddler I have discovered a great many things. Things like never expecting to have a long lie ever again are obvious.  However I didn’t fully understand that every time I ventured out with said toddler, it would feel like the equivalent of moving house.

My tiny human is almost 2 and so I am happy to report our changing bag has drastically reduced in size. Here is a breakdown of the main things in the bag at the minute:

This is a “Tommee Tippee” Sippy Cup. We have tried a few different ones, but have found that this is the most effective cup for him.
If someone had told me how many bibs I would need when I had a baby, I would have laughed in their face. I literally have over 50, just to let me get through the week! This is a must have item in every baby bag!
This is for the instances where he refuses to eat with us so we always have his food jar to fall back on. His Biscotti snacks are a no-brainer!
Toddlers are messy so Baby Wipes are an absolute must! Nappies for the obvious reasons and Sudocrem because it’s a fantastic curer of nappy rash.
I used to laugh at these devices. I now not only understand their purpose but I appreciate them greatly. To restrain your tiny human when they frantically try to break free from your grip! They therefore have a permanent spot in the baby bag!
This toy in particular is great for the tiny human as it’s a Sensory one and so it’s very stimulating for him.
Lastly I always have spare outfit because well, he’s a toddler who loves making lots of mess!

There are a few things that we always have with us that are missing from this list. His dummy and cuddle blanket for example. However these are items he usually has with him as opposed to being in his changing bag.

My hubby and I have found that if we have all of the things listed above, our days out are generally successful ones.

What do you have in your toddler bag?

D x

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