It’s been 3 months since I last shared Matthews eating habits and I’ve found that there’s been some changes in that time. Mainly his appetite, but his eating habits have also been affected by his Sensory issues. He is also a bit older at 22 months and so he is much more active and requiring more food to fuel his day.

So without nattering on i’ll just share what would be a normal day of eating for Matthew.


Matthew wakes around 8.30am and he has his Omeprazole. Even at this age he still suffers from quite bad re flux. He gets 5mg every morning with water and has to wait 20 minutes before eating to ensure that it is in his system.


He also gets his Abidec, which is a Multivitamin supplement. He’ll get this until he is 5 years old, and has been given it since he was in the NICU.


His milk is now Soy as opposed to dairy and so the formula is a bit thicker, removing the need for Gaviscon before he has a bottle. However if he’s having a heavy and rich dinner we will give him some with water before he eats.



So now onto the actual food, now that all his medicine is done and dusted.


Matthews breakfasts vary so that he doesn’t get bored eating the same thing. Generally speaking he has porridge with soy milk and added banana. We tried strawberries the other day and it didn’t go down well. So that’s one to add to the NO list. He only really drinks water or milk, occasionally trying a fruit juice, but he’s generally not a fan of anything else.

Afternoon Snack

So this is what varies the most. We recently discovered fun size Soy milks which have been great in encouraging him to drink the milk cold and not from a bottle. He will usually have that with some veggie crisps and an oat bar. These types of food are also good for him because he can eat them himself, without the use of a fork or a spoon (which he really struggles with).


So dinner time is our biggest challenge. As I said before Matthew is very put off by certain textured food. However, we have discovered a small amount of dishes that he likes and will eat willingly. Fish Fingers, Tomato Pasta (as long as the pasta is small enough), Macaroni Cheese and Potato in any form. He will follow his dinner with a pudding of some variety. Be it a Vanilla & Banana Bread Pudding from Ella’s Kitchen or his absolute favourite is the Alpro Chocolate Soya Dessert. He will then have a fruit smoothie pouch from Heinz and Water.


His day ends at around 8pm with a 9oz heated bottle of Alpro Growing Up Drink. By the time we get to this he is usually desperate for his “bobo” to soothe him and knock him off to sleep.


We are finally at a stage where he is eating pretty healthily and is gaining weight at a steady pace. Having a happy balance of good food and medication has made all the difference. It’s also worth noting that he has the occasional goody, including an ice lolly with his daddy that turned into quite a messy affair!

No doubt the whole routine will have changed again in a few months, but I will be sure to keep you updated.

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