What I Wish For You

in parenting, 22nd September 2018

A Letter to My Son

Matthew, you have just turned 3 and what a wonderful little boy you are turning out to be. 


You have accomplished so much in your 3 years on this earth so far and so I know that you can overcome any and all battles you might face in the future.


I hope you find a way to communicate with the world. Whether its with words, signs or symbols.

I hope you find a friend. Someone who will fill your life with fun and laughter, and stand alongside you in tough times.

I pray you have a passion for something. That something sets your heart alight. Perhaps your love of music will grow and become this for you.

I wish for you to have love in your life. A person who accepts and appreciates you for who you are. That they see you as the person that makes them complete. 


I hope for all of these things and more my beautiful boy, but most of all I hope, pray and wish that you are happy. That you feel loved and live a fulfilling life. There is nothing more important to me than that. 

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