As a first time mum I have been lucky enough to have a baby that hasn’t had many problems with feeding. He has always been a hungry boy who even as a baby in the NICU always enjoyed his feeds. 

From Breast Milk (Donor EBM) to Prescription Formula, then to the weaning process. It’s always been a relatively easy transition. 

That was until we tried regular cows milk. 

Matthew seemed to enjoy the taste and didnt have any sort of aversion, however he began to be quite sickly and over time we noticed skin rashes appearing.

Long story short he was diagnosed with reflux and he has a Dairy intolerance so we had to substitute his cows milk with Soya milk… a change he took to without a problem. 

So here is an example of what Matthew eats in a day. Bear in mind he is a 20 month old toddler (16 months corrected), weighing approximately 10kg (or 22lbs).


He had a bowl of Ready Brek with Alpro Growing Up Soya Milk. Sometimes I’ll add puréed fruit but this morning it was just plain.

Mid-Morning Snack

Matthew loves these Wafers and we find that they are the ideal snack for him between meals. 


We had an Occupational Therapy appointment today and so Matthew didn’t have a solid lunch, instead he had a 6oz Bottle. 

His lunch is always determined by how he’s feeling on a daily basis. If he’s playing and is quite active around lunch time then I will feed him solid food like pasta or risotto. However, on days like today where he was tired and grumpy after his therapy, he is more inclined to want to cuddle on the couch with me and drink a bottle.

Afternoon Snacks

Matthew loves these little biscuits. We buy a lot of the Organix range and in fact it was the Organix Porridges that Matthew first ate when we were weaning him. These come in a few different flavours and 2 of them in the afternoon are often really satisfying for him. 


Doesn’t look particularly appetising but my boy loves it. It was Sweet Potato with Carrots, Onions and puréed pork. He devoured it!


Matthews last meal of the day is always his bottle. He’s still young enough that he needs this to settle him at night. He has 9oz every night and it knocks him off to sleep at around 8.30pm.

So there we have it. Today was a good day eating wise. He’s been quite unwell for the last month and so trying to get his appetite and eating back up to scratch has been challenging. 

However, he’s definitely getting there and he’s gaining weight at a good and steady rate so we are a happy mum & dad! 

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