Hi lovelies,

Today’s post is a little different. I’ve been scouring the internet trying to find some inspiration for my boys bedroom.

We haven’t changed his room since he was born and so it still very much a baby’s nursery.

Matthews Nursery3

Don’t get me wrong, I love it! It’s still my favourite room in the house, but I feel like it doesn’t really reflect Matthews personality and so I want to be able to create a space for him where not only does he feel comfortable, but excited by his surroundings.

So i’ve come up with a few ideas of my own as well as some inspiration via Pinterest (the best website in the friggin world – and the cause of my losing endless hours of my life online), and I thought I’d share them with you.

They are all very varied and therefore I’m finding it hard to pinpoint one in particular that I absolutely LOVE!

In our previous house, the spare bedroom was home to my hubbys ManCave! It was a great room filled with leather sofas, a bar, 50inch tv, entertainment unit and even a dartboard. However, having a baby means less space for mum and dad to use up for themselves and so the ManCave had to go, and Matthew slowly took over every empty nook we had with toys, clothes and furniture.

Now, 2 years into this game called parenthood, we have discovered that we don’t infact need all of the “baby stuff” we once felt were necessary, and that there actually is some space to do what we want with.

My idea is therefore to move Matthew into the spare bedroom, where he will have an abundance more space, and we (meaning the hubby) will have the use of his room for whatever we choose.

So here are my ideas:

A Little Man Cave

All things wood and earthy combined! 

Matthews Nursery

This would be quite rustic, lots of wood and natural materials. Quite earthy colours and just a general feel of the outdoors. 

Matthew loves being outdoors and exploring and so I thought that this might appeal to his sense of adventure and whimsy. 

I also love how simple and unpolished the look is. Myself and my hubby aren’t the best at executing our creativity and so it’s nice to know that this particular look could be rustic not only intentionally but ironically in our case. 

A wooden or wood-looking vinyl floor, a little chalk paint, some sandpaper, wooden crates and we’re good to go!

Big thumbs up to this look. 

Fit For A Superhero

My boy is already very much the Superhero, but having a bedroom dedicated entirely to a crime fighting squad of caped crusaders is surely every child’s dream?!?

Matthews Nursery1

This room would be filled with colour, therefore I would stick with a simple bright white for the walls and preferably some sort of black laminate or vinyl for the floor. The colour from the wall hangings, furniture and accessories would be more than enough to make the room vibrant and exciting.

Matthew is still young and doesn’t fully appreciate comic books and the like just yet, so in keeping with his age and understanding of it I would alter the theme slightly to Toddler Superheroes… Tiny avengers and such, small in stature but mighty in strength and determination… Much like my boy! 

Simple But Colourful

No theme for this one, just colour… Lots and lots of it!

Matthews Nursery2

With Matthew being ‘Sensory Challenged’ this was one of my first ideas. A haven of colour for him to get lost amongst. No theme in particular, except that of colour… I suppose. 

This would be simple in terms of not having to be strict with that I buy and how I decorate, but I think I would again opt for white walls and perhaps a lighter floor. Laminate or vinyl is always sensible when it comes to kids. Easier to clean up and in Matthews case, a much more satisfying surface to play on than carpet. 

This little rainbow room would entertain and delight any child, regardless of their sensory preferences. I’m just not convinced it would be as exciting as my previous ideas. 

So there it is… 3 very different but equally appealing room ideas. Any input would be greatly appreciated… And feel free to share your own bedroom ideas and images on my twitter feed tagging @Preemie_Mummy so I see them all.

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