How to be HAPPY

in Lifestyle, Quotes, 27th January 2018

Happiness hasn’t always been an easy emotion to come by for me. I’ve not had an overly difficult life or anything like that but I’ve always been a person who has felt every emotion intensely. When I was in High School and sitting exams, the level of stress I felt was often debilitating. When I started a relationship with my husband, I would analyse every single word he said and action he made, looking for hidden meanings beneath his tone of voice and body language. An random advert with perhaps a sad undertone would floor me and I’d think about it for days.

I’ve always felt things more than what I imagine the average person does. But I’ve learned to embrace it and in all honesty I believe it’s this part of me that has had a hand in creating all of the better parts of my personality. It’s made me more compassionate and empathetic, qualities that I am proud to possess.

But it’s a lot of hard work and dedication that has gotten me to a place where I am able to function in every day life, and I thought that I’d share some of these tips with you today:

Get a good amount of sleep

I know I know… this may be an impossibility if you have tiny terrors running about your feet morning, noon and night… but any parents out there will know the difference even one good nights sleep can make!

Find a hobby

Whether it’s crotchet or karate, painting or photography, find something that you love doing and dedicate some of your time to it. It’s important to find something you love so try out as many things as you can to find that perfect pastime.

Make time for friends

Having true friends in your life means that regardless of how often you see them, it always feels like no time has passed. So whether it’s a quick cup of coffee together or a night out with cocktails, you will never be happier than when you are in the company of friends.

Don’t watch the News

I know this may sound like a stupid idea, but sometimes ignorance really is bliss. There are so many horrible things happening in the world and 99% of any news broadcast is filled with murder, famine, unemployment and all the other tragedies of the day. Trust that anything you need to know, you will be made aware of.

Do some good

Following on from the previous point… don’t ignore all of the travesties in the world, but instead help the situation. Volunteer for a good cause. Set up a monthly direct debit for a charity you feel passionate about. This is not only a way of acknowledging that the world is an imperfect place, but it’s your valid and noble attempt at trying to right some of its wrongs.

Cherish what you have

In today’s social media filled world, we often find ourselves envious of our online “friends”. The holidays they take, their perfect bodies, their amazing new cars. However… when you start to feel that green eyed monster making an appearance, it’s always a good idea to remind yourself that they are simply showing off the best parts of their lives. Nobody shows the hard parts. You don’t know what battles they may be facing behind their perfectly photoshopped Instagram post. So instead of letting jealousy rear it’s ugly head, be thankful for all that you have in your own life.

I hope that these tips were helpful for anyone needing reminded that happiness is always just around the corner. It’s easy to get stuck in a rut of self-loathing and feeling sorry for yourself when things aren’t going your way. But trust me when I tell you, life is much more fun and interesting when you have a smile on your face and happiness in your heart!

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