The Joys of Winter

in Beauty, Lifestyle, 3rd December 2018

I love this time of year, I really do. The cold, fresh mornings, the build up to Christmas… and even the snow.

However, with this time of year comes the dreaded full throttled return of dry and irritated skin for me and my little man.

Making Life Easier

So I’ve compiled a list of my must-have products for making the effects of winter a little easier on our skin.

Wrap Up
  • Make sure you layer up when you’re heading out. During the colder days of winter I always make sure my boy is cosy and his skin is as covered up as possible, limiting his exposure to the elements.
  • Same goes for me. Cosy jumpers, woollen hats and a good waterproof jacket is a must!
  • Food and drink
  • The next thing is to fill your body with as much goodness as possible. Plenty of good food and water is always the best idea, but isn’t always easy when you have a toddler on the spectrum. This is by far where we struggle the most. But it definitely goes without saying that the better the food and drink you put in your body, the better your body will look for it.
  • Lastly is skincare… and for my boy it is definitely the most important factor when making sure the winter period is more bearable for my boy.
  • As I said above, Matthew and I both suffer quite badly from skin conditions that seem to worsen during the colder months.
  • We recently started using Aquaphor and for a number of reasons:
    • There are only 7 ingredients in it and it’s therefore really gentle on sensitive skin
      It creates a breathable barrier for your skin, allowing the oxygen to circulate
      It’s super affordable
      It comes in various sizes, small ones for your handbag and bigger ones for the bathroom, meaning it’s always handy

    It leaves your skin wonderfully soft and completely protected. Definitely grab yourself some from Boots or Superdrug.

    Me and Matthew

    And that’s all there is to it. Make sure your skin is protected this winter season and you’ll thank me for it later!

    D x

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