As i’ve mentioned a few times before, we have been waiting for quite some time for an appointment with our Community Paediatrician to start the Autism diagnosis for our boy. Well thankfully we won’t be waiting much longer as we have had our initial appointment set up.

Its next week and it could not have come quick enough.

Myself and my husband are under no illusions with our son. We know him better than anybody does and we KNOW there are issues requiring an official diagnosis.

Now, after reading up on the situation and getting other peoples points of view on the subject, it would appear that we are in the small minority of people pushing for a diagnosis.

The majority of blog posts and articles I’ve read have been from the point of view of parents not wanting  a diagnosis, even feeling like having one would be detrimental to their childs overall development.

I don’t know if this is an old fashioned take on the situation, sweeping problems under the rug, or just that they genuinely feel that no diagnosis is better for their child.

For me, and for my husband, this couldn’t be further from what we believe and want.

We know how capable our boy is. We know how clever, and wickedly mischievous he is… and no diagnosis will ever change that. He is the perfect little person, and we love him more than words. But for us, a diagnosis means we can support and nurture his development in the most effective way.

I want big things for him… And my family will back me up when I say that I will push my boy as far as he can go!

I’m not settling and I’m not resting on my laurels… “Oh he has special needs, he can’t do that…” HELL NO!!!

I believe my boy is capable of anything and I will do my best to push him towards achieving any goal he wants to reach.

It’s not giving in to want a diagnosis. It’s not waving the white flag and surrendering. It’s wanting the best for our boy. It’s knowing that we have the knowledge, understanding and level of support he needs to be the best that he can be…

And I know how amazing he can be!!!

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