That Friday Feeling

in Lifestyle, 11th May 2018

Good morning you lovely lot. Hope you all have that Friday Feeling (unless of course you’re working all weekend in which case may God have mercy on your soul).

I’m full of love and happiness today which as late is a rare occurrence so I am lapping it up in all its yummy goodness, and thought I’d take the opportunity to share all of the lovely things that have made me smile over the last week.

  1. Monday was a bank holiday and so it was an extra day spent with my hubby at home. I love that man with all my heart and soul. Even after 17 years together I still pine for him when he’s not here. He’s a good egg! 40106623960_a316b8f7fa_o
  2. On Tuesday we went shopping and I bought that new Isle Of Paradise tan which I’ve been lusting after for weeks. It’s hard to justify spending almost £20 on a tanning product especially when I’m usually happy to be my pale (un-dead) self. However I have a big family occasion this weekend and fancied looking a bit more alive so took the plunge and bought it! I HAVE NO REGRETS!!! (Review to follow) nintchdbpict000397529091
  3. Wednesday was just one of those chilled days at home where the tiny human destroyed the living-room and squashed Wotsits into my rug. It’s become the norm in the McCormack house and I’ve grown to love it (despite the rigorous cleaning that follows). 26166370997_7f7f7463e5_o
  4. Yesterday was one of those strange weather days where it was raining and absolutely freezing one minute, and scorching the next. I DO NOT ordinarily enjoy those kind of days… But the tiny human was content playing in the house without so much as a whimper, and as soon as the sun came out we were out in the garden playing with a ball (of course) and the dogs. This followed by the tiny human crashing and burning at 6.45pm and the hubby and I having the entire evening to ourselves CHILD FREE! So naturally we ordered a takeaway and watched TV.chinese-takeaway
  5. And here we are today. Plans are to play with the tiny one… Do some washings… Clean the downstairs… Arrange outfits for tomorrow and relax! AND… I’ve just hit 300 followers on my blog so I’m elated!!! Thank you thank you thank you!My Post (11)

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend lovelies whatever it is that you’re doing, and thank you sooooooooooooooooo much for your continued love and support with my blog over the last year. You are all the absolute BEST! 

D x


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