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in Lifestyle, 5th September 2018

What Does Looking After Your Wellbeing Really Involve?

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Many of us are good at looking after others. Whether it’s elderly family members,  our partners or our children- we know how to take great care of them, and ensure all of their needs are met. However, we might not be quite as good at looking after ourselves. There’s nothing wrong with putting the ones we love before us, but that doesn’t mean we should give up on ourselves completely. In fact, the happier and healthier we are, the better we’re equipped to take care of the needs of others.

These are just a few of the ways you can cater to your own wellbeing. It’s not just a luxury, it’s absolutely essential for good health and happiness.

Live a healthy lifestyle

It makes sense that when your body has everything it needs to thrive, you will be energised as well as protected from all kinds of illnesses. We all know the drill, a healthy diet filled with fresh produce, lots of activity, plenty of sleep and enough water to stay hydrated. In practice, these things can be more difficult to achieve but do what you can. Go on walks or bike rides with your children or kick a ball around the park with them. Not only is this fun bonding time but it gets you all moving. Look online for healthy, delicious family meals that you’ll all enjoy and get plenty of the good stuff into your bodies. Once your children are old enough, get into a routine when it comes to bedtime so you can get as much sleep as possible.

Improve your appearance

As a busy mom, you’re probably not going to look like a glamour puss or catwalk model every day – and that’s fine! But don’t give up on your appearance completely, the way we look correlates with the way we feel so it’s not just a shallow need. Treat yourself to a spa day every so often, have a facial and a waxing session. Go to the hairdresser and have them create something that flatters your features and is easy to maintain. Go to a dentist like Dee Kay Dental and have some cosmetic work done – something as simple as a scale and polish or a whitening treatment can really boost your confidence. Another tip is to buy clothes that are comfortable as well as stylish. For example, instead of wearing loungewear or tracksuit bottoms to run errands, how about a comfy stretch dress with a cardigan and a pair of leggings?

Invest in your skills

One of the best things you can do for yourself in life is to keep on learning. It’s great for personal development and will also make you more employable later down the line when you return to the workplace too. You could do a course from home, this is useful as a parent as it’s something you can do around your childcare commitments. Of course, finding the time is hard but if you’re able to juggle parenting with some part time, flexible study it’s a smart move.

You could learn to drive if you don’t already, this would give you more independence and make life easier for you and your family. Even something like a baking or cooking class would improve your skills, encourage you to learn new things and give you something to work towards.

Taking care of your wellbeing involves looking after all aspects of your mental and physical health. These are just a few examples of how you could go about doing this.

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