Breast is Best??? – My Breastfeeding Story

I’ve been wanting to share my breastfeeding experience for a while, but I’m very aware that it’s a unique set of circumstances and therefore doesn’t really apply to the majority of mothers. It does however, apply to a minority of women like myself who tried and failed, so I’m sharing it all the same.  Read More


ASOS Wishlist – Occasions

I am many things. A mum. A wife. A Photographer.

But I am also the stereotypical woman in every sense of the word when it comes to shopping. I can’t help myself. It’s like an overwhelming desire that comes from deep inside me. If I have money in the bank (even sometimes when I don’t) I am going to spend it… And ASOS Curve is the biggest recipient of my hubby’s hard earned cash. Read More

Needing Downtime

It’s Saturday afternoon and I am sitting at my desk while my husband watches football and my son protests a “timeout” in his playpen. This isn’t a punishment for him, but rather a 10 minute restbite for daddy and I who are at our wits end with his challenging behaviour today, and by challenging I mean picking up and throwing every movable object in the livingroom. There’s only so many times you can put the room back together before having to throw in the towel.

So that’s our Saturday, and I imagine the rest of the day won’t play out much different.

For this reason I’ve opted for a “chilled-to-the-max” Saturday night… The only way to recuperate and rejuvenate when I’ve had a horrendously difficult day with the tiny human.



For me it’s a shower (I am soooo not into baths) where I listen to my latest Spotify playlist and sing along (badly might I add). I feel the weight of the world dropping off my shoulders when I’m in the shower, and I feel even better when I have clean, dry hair followed by a quick skincare regime and fresh pyjamas to wear.



You should know by now that I have a very sweet tooth. It’s my biggest downfall I think… but there’s nothing better than having a little picnic of snacks and goodies when you’ve had a hard day. My favourites are Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream, Cake and Peanut MnM’s. Yum!



No Saturday night is complete without an alcoholic refreshment. Now I’m not a big drinker at all and I believe very much that alcohol is best enjoyed in moderation. However, I’ve recently discovered the joys of Pink Gin and I’m very happy about it. My hubby mixes me up a cocktail of 25ml Pink Gin, Diet Lemonade, Lime slices & frozen Raspberries. It is out of this world good! Give it a try!



I like to snuggle up with a blanket and propped up pillows on my cuddle sofa, while my hubby stretches out on his sofa opposite. Some people like to snuggle with their other half, but that’s just not us. We prefer getting comfortable in our own space and more often than not that involves both a blanket and a hot water bottle for me.



We go through so many different moods when it comes to what we like to watch on TV. We’re not very into movies that often, with a few exceptions every now and again for ones we love. Generally speaking though we go through a selection of our favourite TV shows. These are currently ‘The Big Bang Theory’, ‘Gavin & Stacey’, ‘Californication’, ‘Modern Family’ and (despite protests from my hubby) ‘Sex & The City’.



Then it’s just time to relax. We’ve sorted everything that’s important, and despite there being a pile of washing the size of Mount Everest, we make the choice to prioritise our sanity over household chores. That can wait till Sunday!

What do you lovelies do in your downtime??? Let me know in the comments!

D x

5 Things New Mums Don’t Tell You

Before becoming a mum I was under no illusion of how difficult the task would be. The lack of sleep, the extra cost involved, the toll it takes on your body to name but a few.

These things I was well aware of and more than prepared for. However, what I didn’t know in more detail is the absolute horror (this is the only word i can use to describe it) of pain, hormone imbalance and everything else that comes directly during and after you’ve birthed your babe into the world.

So in a bid to clear this up and properly prepare new mums-to-be I wanted to share my experience of the 5 worst things about labouring and everything afterwards, that NOBODY told me about.

  1. Contractions are not in any way shape or form like period cramp. Don’t believe anyone who tells you this. It’s nonsense. They are so intense and feel like an alien is inside your abdomen rummaging about and trying to escape through your lower back. Don’t be a hero… Take the pain relief!  maxresdefault
  2. It’s not all over once you’ve pushed the baby out. Movies and TV shows are notorious for showing this as the final part of labour and it’s not. You still have to deliver the placenta, which if your lucky takes a jab and a few pushes and pulls from your midwife. However, if you’re not so lucky (like me), it can result in an hour long battle between you and a gynaecological consultant who literally scrapes your placenta from the walls of your uterus using her entire hand. Yes… HAND!!! All this before giving up and taking you to theatre where she will eventually give you a spinal block before trying all over again. pos_ch19_f003
  3. There will be approximately 15 or so people who see your vagina, examine your vagina and have their hands inside your vagina from the start of your labour to the moment your are discharged. Be prepared, cause that’s a lot of eyes on your lady parts! Large-crowd-of-people-014
  4. Your hormones don’t go back to normal as soon as you’ve given birth. In fact I’d go so far as to say they will get worse. You will feel sad, angry and happy all at once. You will want to scream and run away, all the while hating yourself for having these thoughts. It is a roller-coaster and you have to understand that for the most part these feelings will subside. But if they don’t then you need to ask for help and there is no shame in that. I needed help. Don’t feel bad if you do too. roller-coaster
  5. Lastly… and for me this is the big one. Pack a box of natural laxatives in your hospital bag, because I am not exaggerating when I say that the first post-birth poo if life changing. This might sound hilarious and just utterly ridiculous, but I am not lying. I remember mine like it was yesterday and I spent an hour and a half on the toilet crying in agony over it. I’d even go so far as to say I would have rather given birth again than have to endure the pain of the first post-partum-poo! It was horrendous. I cannot stress this enough. Get yourself on the prune juice, the laxatives and drink as much coffee as you can handle, cause the alternative is not pretty! kabızlık

So that’s my advice lovelies. Obviously I know that every woman’s experience is different and therefore a lot of this might not apply to you, but after speaking to other women in my life after I gave birth, it seems there was a consensus among us that these things we just weren’t properly equipped to deal with. Sharing’s caring and all that jazz, and if you’re pregnant right now and I’ve scared the life out of you I really do apologise. Just remember this, I would do it all over again 100 times and more for my boy. Holding them in your arms at the end of it all is the best reward you could ever receive for enduring all of the aforementioned torture.

D x