What If…

Do you ever drift off in a daydream and wonder how different your life might be if, say you had taken that job all those years ago… not met your partner… studied a different subject at uni… or even won the lottery???

I have found that since having my little boy (and being a hell of a lot more tired because of it) there have been many occasions where I have tiredly dozed off into a semi-conscious daydream where my life is completely different to the one I’m living. A sort of ‘Sliding Doors’ scenario if you will!

Not that I’m unhappy with my lot in life, but I’m definitely curious enough to wonder what might have been had I chose another path!

Before I met my hubby I was 110% sure I wanted to study languages at University and become an Interpreter. But when I did eventually go, I was faced with the conundrum of studying abroad for a year, something that I really didn’t want to do because of my relationship.

Evidently I dropped out after a year and as they say, the rest is history. But I do wonder, would I still be married to Michael? And if so, would our life still be what it is now? Would we still have our son???

It’s a strange one isn’t it?

Do you ever wonder what if???


BritMums #EcoverLaundry Challenge

As with most mums I’d imagine, doing the laundry is definitely NOTamongst my favourite pastimes. In fact, I find it completely tedious.

I love the after effect and the beautifully fresh clothes, but the process of getting them there is one that I would happily give up.

As well as the monotony of doing the laundry, in this household we are also tasked with the rather serious job of ensuring our toddlers clothes are washed using Non-Bio, sensitive detergent, as he suffers from quite severe Eczema. Even the slightest whiff of ordinary perfumed detergent and he breaks out in the ugliest of rashes and is scratching for weeks.

As you can imagine, we’ve tried several different detergents and have luckily found a couple that don’t irritate his delicate skin, but we are yet to find one that is efficient in getting rid of stains at a lower temperature.

This is why I wanted to try out Ecover. Not only is it “dermatologically tested” but it promises to deliver “spotless clean results, even on a cold wash”. And as if that wasn’t appealing enough, it also comes with my all time favourite scent – Lavender!!! What’s not to love?

But does it deliver real results???

The answer is a great big YES!

It worked wonders for my boys Chocolate and milk stained clothes… even delivering at the aforementioned low temperature!

As well as this, the gentle scent was mild enough that my boys skin was left protected and unscathed.

I am delighted.

Not only has it converted me to liquid detergents, which I never gave the time of day until now, but I know, beyond doubt, that it is both effective and gentle enough for my beautiful… grubby boy!

What’s In My Bag – Venturing Out (Toddlers Edition)

Being a first time mum I have discovered a great many things about having a child. Things like never expecting to have a long lie ever again are obvious, but I didn’t fully understand that every time I ventured out with said child,  it would be the equivalent of moving house with all the “stuff” I’d have to bring with me.

Of course, as the tiny human grows, the list of required items to bring with us decreases. Thank goodness!

My tiny human is almost 2 and so I am happy to report our baby bag has drastically reduced in size. Here is a breakdown of the main things in his bag at the minute.

This is a “Tommee Tippee” Sippy Cup. We have tried a few different ones, but have found that while we are trying to slowly wean the tiny human off his bottles, this is the most effective cup for his water and fruit juices. He doesn’t have to use his sucking reflex to the same degree as his milk bottle and so he knows the difference between the both of them.

If someone had told me how many bibs I would need when I had a baby, I would have laughed in their face. I literally have over 50, just to let me get through the week without having to do a washing every single day! This is a must have item in every baby bag!!!

We are at the stage now where our boy can eat along with us, so it’s not necessarily a big must to have a food jar in his bag. However, he’s a toddler and can be a difficult little monkey at times, so in the instances where he refuses to eat with us, we always have his food jar to fall back on. His Biscotti snacks are a no-brainier!


This is a given… Babies and toddlers are a messy species so Baby Wipes are an absolute necessity! Nappies for the obvious reasons and Sudocrem because it is not only a fantastic cure of nappy rash but is a soother of many other ailments (for adults too).

I used to laugh at these devices. I now not only understand their purpose but I appreciate them greatly. To restrain your tiny human when they frantically try to break free from your grip! They therefore have a permanent spot in the baby bag!!!

No explanation needed really… This is a requirement for all those moments (and there are many) when mine or the company of his daddy are no longer riveting enough to relieve his boredom. This toy in particular is great for the tiny human as it’s a Sensory one and it stimulates him as well as relieving any tension he may be feeling.

Lastly I always have spare outfit. The reason for this is twofold. Firstly he’s a toddler who loves making as much mess as any other child and secondly, if we’re at a function and he’s dressed up we can get him changed and comfortable as soon as he begins to get tired and grumpy. Nothing worse than being exhausted and stuck in your party clothes. Trust me, if I could get away with going to every function in my loungewear I would!

There are a few things that we always have with us that are missing from this list; his dummy and his cuddle blanket for instance. However these are items that he most likely has on him or with him at all times, as opposed to being in his baby bag.

My hubby and I have found that if we at least have all of the things listed above packed and ready, then our days out are generally successful ones, with as little drama as possible.

Trying Trying Trying… Pt 3

Apologies for this follow up post taking so long. It’s been a crazy few weeks and time has quite literally gotten away from me. We have all been struck down with every sick and flu virus going and even now, I still feel like i’m at deaths door.


Michael and I were just going through the pregnancy motions. Picking up bits and pieces every time we were out shopping, and excitedly imagining  the amazing potential few months ahead of us.

I started showing at the start of August.

The tiniest little bump started to emerge and my clothes began to feel so uncomfortable that I resorted to wearing leggings with every outfit (one of the best parts of being pregnant)!

On the 14th of August I was attending my cousins Hen Party. I felt quite run down, but nothing out of the ordinary. Just tired.

It was later on that night, after going to the bathroom that I felt a bit strange. TMI moment coming here, but I had a funny discharge on my underwear and something just felt wrong.

I put it down to just feeling tired and thought I might have been coming down with the flu. My bones were aching and I just wanted to lie down. So I went home.

I awoke the next day feeling even worse, and I was still having a strange discharge.

It wasn’t until dinner time that night that I noticed something completely out of the ordinary.

I was having a tightening in my stomach, that kept coming and going. So after about 20 minutes I decided to pay attention and time it. They were coming every 10 minutes and were lasting around about 30-40 seconds. No pain as such, just a weird cramping sensation.

After speaking to Michael, I decided to call Midwifery Triage to get their opinion on the matter. The lady I spoke to was lovely. She said it sounded like i might have a urine infection but advised me to head up just for a quick check.

We casually made our way to the hospital, thinking at the very worst, I would be sent home with an antibiotic.

We were shown into an examination room and a midwife, along with a junior doctor came in and asked me to lay on the bed and prepare for an internal examination just to check everything was ok.

This is already an extremely uncomfortable thing to do, not necessarily in terms of pain but with regards to your dignity…

It is quite simply left at the door.

So i reluctantly got myself ready for examination and lay back counting the seconds till it was over… when I was frightened within an inch of my life by the shriek that came from the midwife.

“Stop stop stop”! She instructed the junior doctor.

“Do not go any further… Slowly and carefully remove the speculum”!

She then ever so calmly made her way to the top of the bed where Michael and I were waiting to find out what was going on. She gently pushed past Michael and pressed a red button on the wall behind him and an alarm sounded off in the corridor.

That’s when she bent down next to me and said, “Danielle don’t be alarmed, but we can see your waters and it would appear you are in pre-term labour. The room is about to fill with a number of medical staff, but they are all here to help so just try to stay calm”.


Not possible!

The next few minutes, hours and days were a blur. I was medicated to the max with steroids, antibiotics and all other sorts of drugs to try and slow down the labour. I managed a further 4 days holding onto Matthew before he was born, breech and weighing a mere 1 pound 9 ounces.

My angel was laid onto my hip for a full minute before being whisked away from me, for what would turn out to be the most difficult 4 and a half months of our lives…

But that’s a whole other chapter…

Life With A Toddler

I am relatively new to all this mummy stuff but let me tell you, I honestly never knew a 1 year old could have so much energy.

I’ve now lost count of the amount of times I have had to put my livingroom back together today, and that’s after having had an hour at Toddler Sense this morning.

I’m exhausted just watching him, but at least all the running about counts as some form of exercise!