April Favourites

Afternoon lovelies and welcome to my FIRST EVER favourites post. It’s an idea I’ve been toying with for a while and so I thought why the hell not?!?!

Yes I may not be a “young thing” anymore according to most people under 30 (i’m 32 btw) but I’m still going to give you my tuppence worth when it comes to all the bits I’ve been loving recently. Read More


Beauty Tutorial – Emerald Eyes

So I don’t know if i’ve mentioned this before but my sister is a Makeup Artist and a bloody good one at that. She regularly glams my face which I feel very grateful for and so I thought I would share her gift with you in all in the form of a Blogtorial (blog-tutorial if you will).

I’ll supply all of the details of the products shes uses and the links to where you can buy them should you wish to replicate the look she’s demonstrated.

So without any further babbling here is this weeks look:


She has used the P.Louise base in Rumour which unfortunately appears to be out of stock at the minute. If you have it already then great, if not just use another good eye shadow base and blend this out all over the eye lid, leaving a clear and defined line below the eyebrows.


This followed by blending both the shades “Jada” and “Diva” from the Morphe X Jaclyn Hill Palette.



Once you’ve blended these shades out, add an overlay of the P.Louise eye base on top so as to create an area in the middle of the lid where you can add a spotlight overlay.


Using the Barry M Cosmetics Holographic Eyeshadow Topper  in Supernova, create a spotlight effect in the centre of the lid.


Continue to build this until you have the desired effect.


Finish the look by applying Doll Beauty lashes in Jasmine.


You can choose the makeup products you prefer to complete the rest of the face, however in this case the following products were used to complete the look:

Maybelline Fit Me Matte & Poreless Foundation
Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Brow Pomade
Mac Mineralize Skinfinsh Highlighter
TARTE Double Duty Beauty Shape Tape Contour Concealer
Maybelline Mascara Lash Sensational
Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lipcolor

So there you have it. I hope you love this look as much as i do and if you give it a try be sure to let me know how you get on.

Take care lovelies,

D x

Follow Friday

Happy Friday lovely people!

I thought I’d share something a bit different today. I’ve been loving discovering new blogs as of late and have found myself reading them into the wee hours of the morning. So I thought I’d share some of my favourites from the past week:

These are just a few, and they are all wonderful in their own right. They cover a whole range of topics from makeup to mental health, life changing health conditions to creative short stories!

Have a little read, and feel free to leave any blogs you think I would enjoy reading in the comments… including your own posts! 😁

My Everyday Makeup Routine

So this is more of a blog post for me than it probably is for anybody else as I am a total makeup FANGIRL!

This does not mean, in any way, that I know what I’m doing, or indeed that I’m any good at it. However, this is one of my favourite types of blog/ vlog posts as it’s a great way to see new and unknown makeup, as well as learn some new tips and techniques.

Personally, I don’t think I wear a lot of makeup and although this is my “Everyday” look, I don’t actually wear it everyday. I like to let my skin breathe and recuperate but more importantly, sometimes I just can’t be bothered.

However, when I am feeling up to it, this is the look that I go for when I’m in a rush, heading out to a casual social engagement, or just wanting to look less like the walking dead and more like a person who’s got at least a small handle on her life.

It may seem like a lot of products and tools, but trust me when I say this is the bare minimum in comparison to what I use for a night out!

Also, and more importantly, the majority of these products are for my base, and if I’ve learned nothing else in my 32 years, I have learned that in order to keep my makeup from falling off my grease ridden face at 5pm after a long day of errands and running after my son, it is necessary to make sure my base is flawless.

So in order of their use, here are each of my products of choice:

1. Laura Geller Spackle Primer.


2. Tarte Amazonian Clay & Foundation Brush.

3. Nars Creamy Concealer & Real Techniques Buffing Brush & Sponge.

4. BodyShop Powder, Real Techniques Powder Brush & Laura Mercier Setting Powder

5. Bourjois Bronzing Powder & Wilkos Powder Brush.

6. MUA Blusher.


7. Benefit Brow Pencil, Brow Set & Brow Tones.


8. Mac Highlighter & Makeup Revolution Angled Brush.

9. Tarte Mascara.


After a few years of this being my go-to everyday look, I have got the application time down to a mere 10 minutes, which if you’re in a rush is ideal.

As I said before, I am no expert and so other people will of course be able to do a much much much better job than me. However the end result of this 10 minute process is more than worth it for me and I reckon it is for my husband too, as having to look at my death-like complexion on a daily basis can’t be an easy or pleasant thing to do after all these years.


Beauty Review – Tarte Cosmetics Maneater Collection 

I recently purchased the Tarte Maneater Collection and have spent the last week trying it out so as to provide a fair and accurate review.
Firstly, it is the most fun and feisty packaging. I love Leopard print… and the added purple just makes it feel all the more girly! 

The collection includes the following: 

Amazonian Clay 12-hour Foundation

This is a full coverage foundation that somehow isn’t heavy on the Skin. I wear the lightest shade which is Fair Beige. It is creamy and easy to apply without looking and feeling cakey on your face.  It has become my absolute favourite foundation and for somebody who wasn’t a fan of a full coverage formula that is saying something. I can also vouch for the 12-hour staying power, even when up against the stress and sweat that comes with chasing a toddler around all day!

Buffer Foundation Brush 

This brush is simply amazing!!! It’s soft, thick bristles feel wonderful on the skin and cover a wide area of the face without having to reapply the foundation. There’s no streaking and unlike some other brushes I’ve used, the bristles don’t feel wet with foundation when your buffing it into your face. 

Self-Sharpening Eyeliner

Now this is a tricky one for me to properly review as I am utterly TERRIBLE at applying eyeliner. However I have swatched the liner and applied it (rather haphazardly) and it goes on lovely. It’s soft tip and high pigment makes it easy (for most people) to apply. Again, much like the foundation it has great staying power which needed several swipes of cotton wool and cleansing oil to remove. 

Voluptuous Mascara

Im already a big fan of Tarte Masacaras with Tarteist Lash Paint being my absolute favourite. The Voluptuous Mascara is similar in the sense that the wands are not unlike each other. There’s a slightly different formula but it’s still really dark and lengthening on the lash. Didn’t have the chance to test how waterproof (if any) it is but again it had really great lasting power that only really started to fall onto the under-eye after about 6 hours. 

Lip Sculptor 

This product is 2 for the price of 1. The first end is a nude-pink lipstick. Creamy formula that feels very moisturising on the lips, while the other end is a nude lipgloss. It’s not tacky or uncomfortable on the lips in any way, instead just providing a glossy look on top of the lipstick or bare lips. Really love this product, and especially since I’m not usually one for nude lip colours! 

Eyeshadow Palette

This beautifully compact little palette comes equipped with a small selection of neutral/ earthy colours. They are all highly pigmented and last well on the eyes. There is also a highlighter included, which can be used on the brow bone or the face to illuminate the skin. It’s the perfect little collection, with all the natural and muted shades anyone would want for everyday wear. 

Double Ended Eyeshadow Brush

This is a basic little product that reminded me a lot of the double ended brushes you get with the Urban Decay Naked Palettes. They are absolutely fine for basic use, but for more intricate and heavier eye looks, you would be looking to use a more well rounded eyeshadow brush. Definitely useful and handy for an everyday look however. 

All in all I have loved using their collection. Some of the products have already become necessary staples in my main makeup bag. I purchased the collection from QVC at the ridiculous price of £43.96 (I still can’t believe it!!!) but unfortunately a few of the items were exclusive to QVC and are therefore not available elsewhere. However, the majority of the collection is, so I would definitely encourage anybody with an interest in makeup to treat themselves to this… You will not be sorry!!!