I am a photographer and so photography is a much more natural thing to me than writing is.

On this basis I thought it might be a good idea to incorporate my photographs more regularly into my blog.

So I am starting a series called ‘Through The Lens’ where I will explain the story behind said photo/s. This will range from casual family photography to professional work shots and everything else in between.

Hope you enjoy!


Strathclyde Park, Hamilton.This last week has brought with it some beautiful weather and so there is nothing better than to get outside and enjoy it while it lasts. So in order to do so, my hubby and I put the baby in the car and ventured over to our local country park to bask in all the glorious sunshine.

Matthew – Strathclyde Park, Hamilton

It was soooo warm and as you can see we didn’t really dress well for the occasion… We are not used to nice weather and so often misjudge our clothing options. Just as well the baby’s jumper was thin!

Matthew – Strathclyde Park, Hamilton

This boy of ours is an adventurous little monkey and so whenever he is free to roam he does a runner. It’s one of the symptoms of autism as well as a symptom of being a cheeky toddler… We just have to run and hope we’re fast enough to catch him.. It also should be noted that despite the fact that I am holding the camera and getting the shot, his daddy is in the wings and always within grabbing range of him.

Strathclyde Park, Hamilton

This little nugget was taken just as we were leaving the park. There was a huge ‘Weeping Willow’ tree next to the car-park and they are my absolute favourite type of tree so I couldn’t resist this shot. There’s nothing prettier than dappled sunlight shining through the branches of a tree… It’s wistful and romantic and sheer summer in all its glory. A photography dream!

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