Speech & Language Therapy

in Lifestyle, 14th August 2017

Good morning lovelies!

Matthew has had a few Speech & Language Therapy Sessions now and so I thought I’d let you all know how things are going with it.

At our last session, Matthews lovely Therapist Laura gave us the task of encouraging eye contact during our song time.

I may not have mentioned it before but it is a very difficult task to get him to look you in the eye. It’s a social interaction he really struggles with, but one that is vitally important to his development as a whole. So my husband and I set out on our task to encourage our boy, while we are singing to him, to keep eye contact. If at any time he looks away, we were to stop the song and wait for him to prompt us into resuming it with eye contact.

At first he would quickly lose interest and become frustrated when we stopped the song mid flow, however over time he would begin to look at us and grunt for us to continue.

We persevered, and now the grunting has stopped and it is just eye contact he is using to let us know he wants us to continue.

Like every kid I’m sure, Matthew is not one for performing well in front of others and so I was apprehensive about Laura’s visit today. Knowing my boy all too well, I thought he would just do his usual “acting smart in front of company” routine and not cooperate.

But my beautiful boy proved me wrong.

He showcased all of his new concentration skills to Laura and even threw in a few extras when he included her in his playtime with his ball.

Laura was delighted… As was I!

It was a very welcome positive step in this little journey of ours with our boy. This past week has been particularly difficult with Matthew developing a few additional difficulties related to his sensory challenges, and so I feel like we needed this!

It’s an uphill battle, but these small steps are all in the right direction so we are feeling ever so optimistic.

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