So I’m back after a little fortnight away from the computer. It was a well needed rest from writing, especially with all that was going on with our boy.

As I’ve mentioned numerous times before my son was born very premature and so has several health issues, but as well as that we are currently going through the Autism diagnosis process. Because of this there are often several weeks throughout the year that are filled with numerous appointments, and this has definitely been the case recently.

So that’s us until mid December and so I’m looking forward to having more time to get back into my writing. On that basis I will fill you all in on how Matthew is doing.

He had his first visit to the Ophthalmologist in over a year, and boy oh boy was that a fun appointment. 😫

Obviously in order for his consultant to properly examine Matthew, he needs to be able to look in his eyes. This is a no-brainer!

However… Did Matthew let him look… NO!!!

It was totally traumatising and I ended up having to hold his hands down and keep his head straight at the same time. Not an easy task.

The examination took about 45 seconds, but felt like 45 minutes. The end result was that Matthew appears to be long-sighted, which is definitely not a surprise considering he had ROP as a baby.

We have another check-up in January… So a whole 2 months to prepare for the trauma of the next appointment. 😑

We also had an appointment about his Gastrointestinal Reflux Disease as his medication is just not cutting it anymore. Thankfully we were able to double the dosage of his medication which we hope will help massively.

Finally we had a meeting with Matthews Health Visitor regarding his “Ages & Stages” Assessment. This is an appointment where Matthew is given a number of tasks to complete based on his gross & fine motor skills.

We reluctantly completed the exercises and filled in the accompanying questionnaire which I’ll be honest made for some pretty grim reading. Matthew couldn’t do anything that was expected of him at this stage in his development.

This is of course was not surprising to us as his parents. We know his strengths and weaknesses are all related to his condition but we couldn’t help feeling deflated.

However, my wonderful Health Visitor assured us that these assessments are nothing to get caught up on. They are very standardised and therefore don’t include all of the wonderful attributes that Matthew already has and will develop even further as he gets older. So we left the appointment feeling motivated and optimistic, which is something neither of us have felt in while.

As far as next steps, we are currently looking into Specialist Nurseries for Matthew. There is actually one in our area that gets rave reviews for its Special Education base which is where Matthew would attend. So watch this space… I will hopefully have some more information on that.

Hope you are all well lovelies & look forward to getting back into the swing of things over here!

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