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Trying to find time for yourself as a person after you become a mother is almost impossible. Not only are you too busy spending all your time chasing around after the little person that you’ve just created, you tend to lose a little bit of your sense of self when you become a mother.

Initially, you may not notice it. You’re so busy changing nappies that you don’t really think about what you want for you. You’ve got someone relying on you every hour of the day. There just isn’t time for you, right?


While you’re busy taking care of a new baby, you also have to make a point of taking care of you, too. You can’t just sink into motherhood and hand over everything that you are about yourself to this little life that you made. You’re a mother, yes, but you’re still a person. You’re still the carefree young woman who booked her appointment to get her hair done every six weeks. The thing is, you haven’t forgotten how to take care of yourself, you’ve just forgotten how to find the time for you. The care that you give yourself is going to be vital to improving yourself as a mother. After all, you cannot pour from an empty cup. So, with the boosts below, you can get yourself back into the swing of feeling like a person again while you’re raising that beautiful little life.

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  1. Firstly, you need a village. You need a village of family, friends and other mums to lean on and socialise with. Heading to baby groups and parent groups can help you to make friends who are in the same boat that you are in right now. It also means that you have a group of people around you to help you when you need those ten minutes to escape.
  2. Be realistic about your health. You need to eat enough in the day to stay fuelled for night feeds, breastfeeding and generally keeping up with the wonderful monotony of motherhood. You should be exercising where you can, even walks with the baby in the pram and you should be leaning on your partner to get as much sleep as you can.
  3. Take some time to be beautiful! Of course, you’re already beautiful; even with your mum bun and your ratty old dressing gown. But book that hair appointment again. Get your eyebrows threaded. Head to places like Battersea Smiles for your teeth whitening appointment. Take moments that are just yours, without the baby, and remember what makes your soul sing.
  4. Keep a good routine. When you have a baby, life gets thrown up into the air. Keeping some kind of routine, from the time you wake up to the time you eat in the day can help you keep going. Routine keeps you moving forward.

Becoming a parent doesn’t mean that you stop being a human being with your own needs. Try not to put yourself on the backburner all the time, or your health will suffer.

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