These products worked for us but may not necessarily work for you, therefore please don’t take my word as a guarantee that you will see results from the same products we’ve had success with. 

I wrote a post about this same subject last year when my boy was suffering pretty terribly with his eczema. It was a side effect of his Dairy Intolerance, as well as an allergy of his that had just gotten so out of control we needed medical intervention.

He was prescribed several different steroid creams/ ointments and was referred to dermatologists who quite frankly were stumped at why it wasn’t clearing, but with lots of stress and perseverance we eventually got on top of it. The routine we have now is one we’ve had for a while and despite there being some sporadic and expected flare ups, we can usually calm it down and stop it in its tracks pretty quickly.

So for those of you out there going through this with your children, I thought I’d share the tried and tested methods we have used to successfully keep our boys eczema at bay.

Let’s start with what we wash our boy with. When we bath Matthew we use a small drop of this in the water to make bubbles, as well as using it to wash him from head to toe. We tried Dove baby products which were good, but even those would dry his skin out a bit. Child’s Farm Hair & Body Wash however, is the winner. It smells delicious and lathers beautifully on his skin and hair, leaving everything squeaky clean.


Once he’s washed we use a combination of products. These are a mixture of the Child’s Farm Baby Moisturiser, Child’s Farm Baby Oil and Oilatum Cream. I find that the Child’s Farm products are really good generally speaking to moisturise and hydrate his skin, whereas the Oilatum is really good for using on Eczema patches for an extra layer of protection.

Finally, and not forgetting how important this part is, we use a nappy cream on Matthews bottom. He get’s quite bad flare ups in this area and given the fact that it’s covered for the biggest majority of the day with an often wet and dirty nappy, we feel it’s necessary to try and protect it. We tried a lot of different creams for this and two in particular always gave the best results. Sudocrem and Asda’s own Nappy Cream. If I’m being honest, I actually feel like they’re the same product in different packaging so being a family on a budget we opted to use the cheaper of the two.


There you have it. Yes there are a lot of Child’s Farm products, but the proof is in the pudding and those are the ones that work. It took us a while to start seeing proper results from the things we were trying, but if I could offer any advice it would be that it generally doesn’t happen overnight. Continue to use the products on a daily basis and I’m hopeful that you will see results like we did.

These are a few photographs I took with my phone of the last flare up he had and how it was after a couple of days using this treatment method.

Hope this was helpful lovelies.

Take care,

D x



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