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in Entertainment, family, Lifestyle, 24th February 2018

So I’m like most people when it comes to unwinding and relaxing at home. If I don’t have a good book in my hands (which has become less and less an occurrence since the tiny human came along), I’m inclined to load up Netflix and get lost in “TV World”. Why not? Oftentimes “TV World” is better than the real world. There’s no bills to pay in “TV World” (except of course the Netflix subscription), there’s no dirty nappies to change in “TV World” and most importantly, there’s no such thing as falling asleep and missing the rest of your film/ TV show cause you can just re-watch from wherever you left of!

Anyway, I thought I’d share some of my favourites from Netflix, in case you’re lacking in inspiration for what your next ‘binge-watch’ should be.


This choice may be a no-brainer for most people, but for those of you who haven’t yet discovered ‘The Big Bang Theory’ – YOU ARE MISSING OUT!!! It is an American Sitcom based on a group of genius-level geeks and the women (or lack thereof) in their lives, who befriend a beautiful, albeit ditsy blonde actress-wannabe. It’s funny and clever, with some great characters. There are 10 seasons available on Netflix to watch so binge away!


This show is quite possibly THE BEST SHOW ON NETFLIX! It follows Hank Moody, the writer, womaniser, drinker, smoker and occasional drug-taker on his path of self-destruction through LA. It is written brilliantly and beautifully. If you’re thinking its going to be David Duchovny à la ‘The X Files’ then you are VERY mistaken… There is absolutely NOTHING ‘Mulder’ about Hank Moody! There are 7 seasons available for your viewing pleasure, oh and be prepared for lots of swearing, sex and general bad behaviour!


So if you’re not British or you are and you’ve been living under a rock somewhere you will not know of the genius that is ‘Gavin & Stacey’. Written by James Corden (The Late Late Show host) and Ruth Jones (who can be seen pictured at the far left and far right of the picture), it is the story of Gavin and Stacey (the couple in the middle) who after months of chatting on the phone, finally meet and fall in love. Their relationship turns the lives of their friends and families upside down and inside out and it is absolutely HILARIOUS! There are 2 seasons available on Netflix. Do yourself a favour and whack this onto your watch list – you won’t be sorry.


Now, if you’re not Scottish then you will most likely never have heard of this show before. It is a comedy following the lives of Jack & Victor from Craiglang (a fictional town in central Scotland). The comedy duo are pensioners (not really) living their day-to-day lives with their friends in the local community and spend the majority of their time in their local pub the Clansman. It’s a brilliantly funny script, with brilliantly funny actors executing their lines with the most satirical, comedic value you would want in a TV show. You might struggle with the accents at first but persevere… It’ll be worth it. You can enjoy 6 seasons of this little gem on Netflix.

So there you have it… 4 fantastic shows to get your teeth into. Just do yourself a favour… Get comfy, make sure you have a snack and a beverage, and enjoy!!!

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