My May Favourites

in Lifestyle, 13th June 2018


How quick did May go??? It’s ridiculous how fast your life passes by as you get older. It’ll be the C word before we know it…


Last month was a fab one for discovering some new favourites, as well as some oldies but goodies too. Much the same as my April Favourites post I am going to outline everything I loved and will provide links where I can. Enjoy lovelies!


These little gems are a mix of newly discovered and previously used favourites:

  • EyeWake – Unique Collagen Formula Gel

Wow… What a little beauty. This can be found on Amazon for the very respectable price of £17.95. It removes the puffiness from tired eyes almost instantly and has become a permanent staple in my skincare routine.

  • Primark – Lip Liner Pencil in Vamp

Ok so firstly this is £1. So cheap and amazing quality for the price. The pencil is super pigmented (as shown in the image I’ve taken above) and most importantly it’s soft. The amount of times I’ve bought a high end lip liner you have to press firmly onto your lips in order to get a good colour payout is ridiculous. It’s lasting power isn’t great, but at £1 I’m happy to just reapply.

  • Method – Limited Edition Botanical Garden Hand Wash

So this may seem like an odd choice but I’m a bit addicted to hand wash. We go through a lot in this house and so I want to make sure it’s not only gentle and moisturising on the skin, but it smells good. This smells DIVINE!!! This is my second bottle after trying the Method Rose Gold Pink Pomelo Hand Wash, which i did love, but just not as much as this one. Do yourself a favour and buy it now!!!



May was a crazy busy month and so I didn’t have a lot of time to sit down and enjoy a read. However I did manage this:

It’s basically a must-read for all and any woman wanting to progress in her life and career. It equips you will all the tools necessary to get what you want and what you need from your working life. It’s brilliant and is the perfect size to keep in your handbag for whenever you want to brush up on your productivity.


This has been playing on my Spotify Playlist constantly… All through May and even now I’m listening to it while I type these words. Every track is brilliant. Listen now, thank me later!


This group of blogs and people deserve a mention simply because the online community has pretty much been my life for the last few months and particularly in May when I was re-branding my blog. They are all super sweet and supportive people with such talent and charisma that it’s hard not to love them!

What Abbie Says

Man Vs Adulthood

Ruth In Revolt

My Passion Project

Luke Heywood Style

Gemma Louise


I mentioned them last month and I’m mentioning them again:

  • The Old English Company is simply a stationery lovers dream! I’ve been loving my array of beautiful enamel pins soooooo much and have had so many people ask me where I bought them.

And my sweet treat is:

  • ANY and ALL Iced Frappes… YUM!!!


So that’s all for May folks but I have plenty already to share with you for June!!!

D x

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