Is it just me who doesn’t want to acknowledge getting any older than 30? I turned 33 on Saturday and I feel like it’s not a fair age for how I’m feeling and for how much I wanted to achieve by this age. So I’m sticking at 30 until I feel ready to move on.

Anyway, as I said my birthday was on Saturday and it was just the best day.

I woke up to balloons and banners everywhere, and smiling faces from my two boys. Hubby then took me to get my nails done and we had some lunch. Afterwards I had some time on my own (a very rare occurrence) so I could get a shower and indulge in some moments of self care.

I played 80’s music loud enough for the entire street to hear, styled my hair and done my makeup. It was bliss.

We then headed to my mums for a Birthday BBQ. My sisters were all there along with my niece and nephew. There were gifts galore and I felt thoroughly spoiled. Here are some of the lovely things I received:

ArtNaturals Aromatherapy Essential Oils Diffuser

Makeup Brush Cleaner

Carvela Winged Tote Bag

And much more.

I’m so grateful for all the lovely gifts and for the time and effort everyone made to give me the best day. I retired pretty early and took the wee boy home with me, leaving my hubby to continue celebrating in my absence. We got into our pjs, had some chocolate in bed and watched ‘Ru Paul’s Drag Race’.

Is there anything more perfect than that!!!


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