If you are anything like me you will enjoy the indulgence of a Youtube subscription or ten. It’s my absolute favourite thing to watch while the baby is happy in his own little world. He’ll even oftentimes sit with me and we’ll watch together while he downs a bottle of Alpros finest. 🙂

So here are my top 5… And believe me when I say it was hard to whittle down. They cover all sorts of different topics including but not exclusively FASHIONMOTHERHOOD, BEAUTY, LIFE, HOME INTERIORS and all the rest of it:


Lily Pebbles

The best way I can describe Lily is that she’s a breath of fresh air. Honest, straight-to-the-point and ambitious. She shares in all aspects of the latest beauty and fashion whilst also making the audience feel like shes just sitting having a conversation with friends. She is always the first person I want to watch when I open up my subscription feed. 


Sprinkle Of Glitter – Louise Pentland

Louise is a funny, savvy, articulate mama who’s just welcomed a new little baby girl into her family. The mum of 2 is brutally honest in an IDGAF way that’s refreshing and empowering coming from a female. She’s girly and beautiful and a joy to watch. 


Lisa Eldridge

Makeup & Beauty guru to the stars, Lisa Eldridge is a genius! She shares tutorial, after tutorial of flawless looks fit for the red carpet, and not to sound weird but her voice is what I imagine velvet would sound like. Lol! She’s truly brilliant. 


Zoella & More Zoella

Ok so I cheated with this one, but I watch both her channels in equal measure so i’m counting this as one. I love Zoella. She’s the girl next door, silly, full of fun and humble. Yes she’s made her fortune and she knows how to spend it but I honestly love nothing more than watching her decorate her beautiful new home and go through her sack-fulls of PO Box goodies. 


Jamie Genevieve

Finally, for those of you who don’t know Jamie, she is a Scottish Makeup Artist. Known for her heavy, grungy looks and crazy sense of humour. She lives down the road from me and after watching her weekly vlogs I’ve decided we would be great friends. She too is super successful but completely humble with it. I wait with anticipation for her weekly vlogs being uploaded!

So that’s my recommendations folks. Please feel free to let me know of any YouTube accounts i’m missing out on as i’m always looking for new content to get engrossed in.

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