Being a parent can be tricky, especially if you don’t have the right tools for the job. My little boy is almost 3 and leaving the house with him is a process and a half that requires military-like skills and precision. I need to make sure I have all of the items he needs/ might need and want, as well as physically getting him out the door unscathed.

So in order to be as efficient as possible, I’ve found that having a good set of “tools” is necessary.


  1. A good sized and sturdy changing bag you can fill up with everything your tiny human might need and want on a venture outwith the house.
  2. Good quality contents to fill the bag with.

Starting with the bag you should go for, it should be big enough that you can fit everything you need comfortably in it, but small enough that you’re not lugging about what looks like a suitcase. We were lucky enough to get a great changing back included as part of our travel system when we bought it. However, after almost 3 years, it’s worn and needing replaced. So I’ve opted for this:

Its the LCP Kids Baby Changing Bag in Paris Grey (our travel system is also grey) and it’s only £14.99. It has several pockets, zipped compartments and even a portable changing mat. It’s the perfect size for all your toddlers requirements. 




Then there’s the Walking Harness from Clippasafe which I believe is an absolute necessity to all parents of toddlers. People may look at you strangely, but keeping your little one (especially my little monkey) close to you and safe is worth everything. This little harness is perfect for that, and is only £5.99.



These little genius devices are going to save your lives mamas! They are the EZ-Buzg Buggy Clips. They mean you don’t have to struggle holding onto your shopping while also pushing a pram or a buggy. You just attach them to the handle of your travel system and clip your bags onto them. I can’t recommend these enough and they’re only £6.97.



Then there’s this. These little Pacifier Cases from Baby Wings are just fab. My little boy is on the Spectrum and has quite a big problem with putting objects in his mouth looking for sensory feedback. So he still uses a dummy (pacifier) to not only soothe him, but to stop him from mouthing other objects. It’s therefore important for us to always have plenty of dummies with us at all times. They fit 2 dummies in each one and keeps them safe and clean between uses. They have handy little clips that means they can attach onto bags, prams/ buggies and loads of other things, meaning you can keep them on or near you at all times. AND they’re only £6.99.




And just in case you don’t believe me about the “mouthing” thing with Matthew, here’s proof…


Those of you with kiddies who love their dummy NEED THESE!!! Visit their website or Amazon shop to view more of their awesome products.


Let me know any of your MUST HAVE tools for when your out with your tiny humans!

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