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Having a baby has to be up there with one of the best feelings in the world. Being able to create another person and give them life is gratifying and can change our whole lifestyle in an instant. When you have a baby there are A LOT of things you will need to buy and prepare, and today we are going to look at a few must-have items that are going to make every new mums life that little bit easier.

A Great Pram is A Big Must-Have

must-have pram

The first thing you will want to buy for your baby is a great pram for them to sit in during the day while out and about. Beautiful Bambino have lots of cute little prams perfect for any baby and this will allow you to take them with you when you go shopping or walking the dog and any other errands you need to do.

A Papoose

must-have papoose

There is nothing cuter than a man wearing a papoose carrying a baby. It’s a strap which goes around your chest and allows you to carry your baby on your chest while you are doing things in your daily life. This is a great gadget for a new parent to have because it allows you to hold your baby while still doing other things as well as helping to build that bond between you and your child which is so crucial this early in their life. A definite must-have!

A Car Seat is A Legal Must-Have

must-have car seat

If you are planning at any point to go out and about with your baby, the most important thing you will need to bring with you is a car seat. A lot of the time car seats can be chunky and you’ll have to bring both this and your pram with you around town, but actually, there is another way. The Doona is a product which is essentially a pram that folds down into a seat that can be used in the car. It makes life much easier for parents and it isn’t too expensive either.

Teething Rings

must-have teething ring

After a few months of life, the dreaded teething stage will begin with your baby and everything in sight will become a target for chewing. This is why it is super helpful to have some teething rings on hand because you will be able to make sure that your baby isn’t wrecking everything in the house while their teeth start to come through.

Stimulating Toys

must-have sensory toys

Finally, every child needs to have some form of mental and sensory stimulation during their infancy to help them develop properly later in life. The best thing you can do as a parent is to find toys which are sensory and noisy. Colouring books and illustrations are also a great way of making your child’s imagination grow. You could also create a sensory garden outside and bring your child here to smell and feel all of the different flowers. Anything you can use to stimulate their mind can be a great thing and will help them develop.

So there you have it, all the must-have items every new mum needs.

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