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Generally speaking, raising kids is hard work. Toddlers in particular I find, are like navigating your way through a minefield. They have a seemingly unending amount of energy and if my little human is anything to go by then you will spend most of your day chasing them around the house, barely having enough time to stop and get a breath.

On that basis I have come up with my favourite way to relax and unwind, while daddy takes on full toddler chasing duties. It might not be for everybody and I’m sure all of you mummies out there will have perfected your own “Chill Out” evening, but here is mine…

Face Masks!

I used to be one of those people who had a strict skincare routine, consisting of gorgeous and luxurious products with a price range that would literally bring a tear to a glass eye. However, after having my little human I have found i neither have the time nor the inclination to A. Spend all that money and B. Spend an hour of my day applying layers of serums and ointments to my face. So I have condensed my daily skin routine down to a quick 5 minute cleanse, tone and moisurise at night, and every now and again I will apply a (cheap and cheerful) Face Mask and relax for half an hour. Whether or not it actually helps my skin is by the by… it is just in the act of doing it that the relaxation portion of my evening can begin.

Wireless Headphones!

Mines weren’t particularly expensive (I think around £30 off Amazon) but they are instrumental (no pun intended) in my “Chill Out” process. Be it The Killers blasting in my ears or Ed Sheeran serenading me with just his voice and an acoustic guitar, listening to music is an essential part of my downtime. Not only is it entertaining but most good headphones are noise cancelling and can therefore block out any and all unwanted (and unwarranted) noise during this ever so sacred time.

Good Book!

Now this can be in the form of an audio-book (via the aforementioned Wireless Headphones) or a good old hard-copy that you can hold in your hand. I’m a big fan of physical books, despite in fact having both a kindle and subscription to Audible. Since having my boy I have discovered I no longer have the time to sit down and read the way I used to, so have resorted to listening to my chosen books in my bed once the tiny human is tucked up in his. This hasn’t stopped me from purchasing said books in the physical form, after all there is no better smell than that of a new book (and a new baby of course).

Hand Cream!

This is a new concept for me. My mum always told me to do it growing up, but I found it more annoying waiting to dry, than beneficial. However, as my age has increased sadly so has the dryness and amount of wrinkles on my hands, hands that are now required even more than before for lifting, feeding and holding my child. So I have made a conscientious effort to include this in my daily regime and especially during “Chill Out” time where I can use the crazy white cotton gloves that allows for the “proper absorption of the moisturiser into the skin“.

Candles/ Nice Scents!

For many it’s the fresh, sweet smell of flowers. For me its a Scentsy Wax Bar melted into one of my burners. I find there is nothing more soothing than a darkened room, the wafting of a pleasant fragrance and the flickering of candlelight. It creates a warm and cosy atmosphere that would unwind even the most tormented soul… And a BIG must on my “Chill Out” list of essentials.


Lastly and by no means least… I need snacks. Be it chocolate, cake, or crisps… No relaxed evening is complete without a delicious little snack to indulge in. Chocolate is a no brainer for me. Not only is it delicious but it is scientifically proven to release serotonin into the brain… It quite literally makes you happy… What is not to love???

So there you have it ladies and gents, the Preemie Mummy recommended “Must-Haves” to make any moment of child-free time as relaxing and enjoyable as possible. The most difficult part is finding the time to enjoy it!

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