Mothers Day Gift Ideas

in Lifestyle, Women, 5th March 2018

So it’s a week away folks and if like me, you are stuck for ideas on what to buy your lovely mum, wife, mum-in-law, gran or other important motherly figure in your life then look no further. I have done some internet and high-street scouring and have come up with a few ideas to suit all budgets.  Hopefully these should suit any of the important women in your life and will let them know how much they mean to you.

So here goes:


This is the Ted Baker Porcelain Rose Garden Toiletries Collection and you can get it from Boots for the bargain price of £25. There are loads of goodies inside the beautifully presented gift box including Body Washes, Body Lotions and even a beautifully soft and silky Eye Mask. The scent from each of the products in this collection is incredible. It’s the perfect gift for the lady in your life who enjoys a nice bubble bath, luxurious body lotions and the perfect nights sleep.

This is the Saharan Palette from Juvia’s Place. You can find it on Beauty Bay for £30 and it is the perfect gift for the makeup loving lady in your life. The colours are so pigmented and so creamy that you can literally sweep a makeup brush across your eye and your look is done. It’s simply beautiful. I’ve added a couple of photographs I took after my sister (a makeup artist) recently applied it to my eyes. You can see from these images just how pigmented the colours are.


Books are always a good shout… That’s if they’re into/ have the time to sit down and read a book. But these ones in particular I’ve found wonderful. For the sake of a laugh and to enjoy some hilarious levels of honesty, The Unmumsy Mum is the winner. Both of her books will leave the mum in your life with a sore belly from laughing and quite possibly a reason to exercise their pelvic floor muscles to prevent pee leakage in the future. It’s currently £3.99 on Amazon. Happy Mum Happy Baby is another great account of the real and often heartbreaking circumstances around trying to get pregnant. It’s written by the brilliant Giovanna Fletcher (other half of Tom Fletcher from McFly and sister of Mario Falcone of TOWIE). Its currently £4 on Amazon. Finally I can’t recommend Fearne Cottons Happy & Calm enough. They both deal with Mental Health in the most refreshing and enlightening way. They are perfect for someone who sometimes struggles with life, as well as someone who has their “Sh*t together”. Simply put… they are like Yoga in book form, and you can get them from £3.99 on Amazon.


This is the Soap & Glory Hello Super Spa Set and who doesn’t love Soap & Glory??? This scrumptious set costs £21 on Amazon and contains the following items:

  • The Righteous Butter Body Butter
  • The Righteous Butter Creamy Body Wash
  • Sugar Crush Fresh & Foamy Body Wash
  • The Scrub of Your Life Body Buffer
  • Face Soap & Clarity Facial Wash
  • Sexy Mother Pucker Lip Gloss in Candy Queen!

Buy it now… Thank me later!


So if Bath Products, Makeup and Books aren’t your mums thing, then you might find that this little tipple will do the trick. Premium Pink Distilled Gin… What a wonderful creation!

You can find this little beauty in Sainsburys for the bargain price of £16.50. Get it while you can, because it’s a popular drink at the minute and is often quite hard to come by.

No wonder… It’s DELICIOUS!!!


And finally… Flowers!!! Who doesn’t love flowers?!?! They’re pretty to look at, they smell incredible and if your mum is anything like me, the mere the sight of a bouquet will make them feel happier. This particular bouquet is from Aldi, cost £8 and it is the very definition of Spring with Tulips, Hyacinth, Roses and Daffodils all bunched together to create the most intoxicating aroma you can imagine.

Flowers are sometimes the easy option, but if like me they just love flowers then there’s nothing wrong with going down this route.

The important thing to remember when shopping for this special day and the special mum/ motherly figure in your life, is that you have to get them something that shows how much you care. If that’s an expensive Spa Day with Champagne and you’re able to stretch to that size of budget then by all means go ahead. If you’re cash poor and can afford nothing more than a nice card with some heartfelt words written on the inside then that’s perfect too.

Just remember it’s the thought that counts, and it really doesn’t matter how much money you spend. As long as you put thought and effort into whatever you do, your mum will be grateful regardless.

D x

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