in Lifestyle, 14th March 2018

This is a very happy day for me lovelies. Not only is this my 100th post milestone, but I have also recently reached 200 followers.

I started writing this blog as a form of therapy when I realised my son may be on the Autism Spectrum, but it turned out to be much more than just that.

I’ve met people going through the same thing, as well as discovering amazing new blogs that I would never have found had I not started my own.

It’s an incredibly humbling thing, to have people read what you have to say and even take the time to leave you a comment. I’ve even found that on days where I’m really struggling there always seems to be a kind person out there reading my posts and leaving a lovely comment. You have no idea how much of a difference this has made to my day at times.

So this is just a big…


…to all of you wonderful human beings!

Thank you for being so wonderful and so generous with your time and your kind words.

Thank you for making an often over-tired, unwashed, hangry mama smile on the daily.

Thank you for reading my random-ass ramblings and humouring me.

Thank you for following along while I navigate motherhood and toddler-life.

Thank you for just being you, you amazing, gorgeous, tremendous bunch of people!!!

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