Since becoming a mum I’ve developed a new-found love of all things birthday related, especially when it’s my son’s birthday that we’re celebrating. Simply put there’s nothing more special to me than honouring the day my son made his way into this world, regardless of how dramatic an entrance it may have been.


However, despite getting away with throwing big elaborate parties for his 1st and 2nd birthdays, we’ve found that he’s no longer able to cope with the amount of people and level of noise that comes with having a party. Therefore this year we opted for a quiet day in the house whereby friends and family were able to drop in and out at a time that was suitable to them, thus eliminating the chance of Matthew being overwhelmed and upset. 


As mentioned in a recent post, we decided to gift Matthew with a Sensory Room for his birthday this year. It was very well received. 

Not only is it a fun place to house all of his sensory toys, it also means that we can make our living areas a bit more adult-friendly as opposed to being overtaken by a messy toddler. 


It’s just wonderful and I’m so thankful to my husband and family for helping me in getting it all sorted in such a short space of time. 


All of our friends and family were so thoughtful in their choices of gifts for Matthew and chose toys and other items specific to his needs and that will help further his development. For example, my sister bought him a Chewy Tube which is an item used by sensory-challenged kids/ adults to chew in order to get sensory feedback. 


Another example is the Bubble Machine my mum bought him. It’s a no-brainer that all kids love bubbles… In fact EVERYONE loves bubbles so we all enjoyed playing with that possibly a bit too much. 

The day was spent just as we’d hoped, with those people we love most and in the comfort of our own home with Matthew surrounded by all of the familiar surroundings that he’s comforted by. 


To top it all off we were kindly gifted a birthday cake from Bakerdays who designed and sent the loveliest and might I add most delicious cake for us to enjoy together. Even better is that they’ve given me a Discount Code for you all to use if you so wish which will give you 15% off a personalised cake until Sunday the 26th of August. It’s DYO15 so ORDER NOW, THANK ME LATER!


Thank you so much to those of you who wished Matthew a “Happy Birthday”. It was so kind and didn’t go unnoticed so thank you thank you thank you!

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