Matthews 2nd Birthday

in Lifestyle, 23rd August 2017

So Saturday was my beautiful boys 2nd birthday and I thought I’d share our day with you all.


Celebrating your little humans birthday is such a special thing… And for me, the occasion is all the more important because we really didn’t know whether we would ever get to celebrate any of his birthdays.

This year I chose to hire out one of our local party venues which comes equipped with a soft play area for the kids. It’s always nice to do the party games thing, but with Matthews sensory issues, I felt it was best to just have an area where all the kids could play and Matthew could wander wherever and whenever he felt like it.


My sister has used the same venue before for her own children and I knew it would be perfect.

My friends brother provided the buffet (which was Peppa Pig themed) and I ordered his cake. These were all specific measures taken in order to reduce the stress and hassle of organising it all ourselves.


As I previously noted in my Party Planning post, we had a quiet zone with a pop-up tent, blankets and cushions, and a kindle loaded with episodes of Peppa Pig. This was all in case Matthew got too overwhelmed and needed some quiet time. Thankfully he didn’t need it, and was happy enough wandering around by himself (supervised of course) without anybody bothering him.


We even managed to sing Happy Birthday without the noise upsetting him… He was definitely in a world of his own by this point, but he was still comfortable in his surroundings and in his daddy’s arms.

It was a total success. All the children and their parents seemed to enjoy themselves, the buffet was delicious, and my boy managed a whole 2 hours in a strange and unknown environment without a single meltdown.


I am one proud mama!

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