in Lifestyle, Poetry, 27th February 2018

Weary, tired and wandering

wiping away the sleep

reaching out to touch your skin

and holding you near to me.


My boy you are the sunshine

in my sometimes darkened world

your eyes are blue and deep and still

housed here within my soul.


I’ll be forever grateful

for everything you gave me

for bringing love into my life

in many ways you saved me.


A mum is who I’m meant to be

a mum is who I am

you have my heart my little boy

you’re part of a bigger plan.


A plan to change the world today

and make them see more clearly

the life and love you have within you

the things I hold so dearly.


The way in which you see the world

for all its joy and colour

the music that you love so much

that we share with one another.


I’ve said it once i’ll say it more

for giving me this label

for choosing me to be your mum

i’ll be forever grateful.

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