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Pretty & Affordable Jewellery

I have to admit. I am a bit of a spendaholic. If there’s money in my bank, I’m figuring out how to spend it. Much to my husband’s dismay might I add. 

However, I’ve found that window shopping online beforehand is always a good way of finding the best price for whatever it is i’m looking to spend my money on. See i’m one of these people that would rather take £100 and buy 3 different outfits than spend all of my money on one thing. 

It’s just how my head works. 

Yes designer and high end brands might have better “quality” items, but for me, I’m just paying for the logo and I can’t justify that. 

Therefore I would much rather spend my money on lovely items that aren’t too costly, meaning I can enjoy them without feeling guilty about how much I’ve spent. 

So when I was ever-so-kindly gifted these beautiful pieces of costume jewellery from Jouellerie I couldn’t believe the cost in comparison to the quality of the pieces. 

These beautiful little earrings are only £2.99 and are just so pretty and sparkly. I’ve worn them everyday for the last fortnight. Of course, with costume jewellery you have to look after your pieces, so I’ve been removing mine and putting them in their velvet pouch every night before bedtime. Taking little steps like this ensures that you get the most longevity from your jewellery. 

As well as the earrings, I was also sent some beautiful bracelets and necklaces as you can see from the photographs. 

Each piece is beautifully made and robust, so no fear of breaking them easily. 

And to top it all off, none of the individual items exceeded £10 in cost so I think you’ll agree that they are extremely good value for money. 

So if you’re looking to buy a woman in your life a little gift or even want to treat yourself, but can’t break the bank, I would highly recommend this little business. 

I’m already eyeing up a few purchases. 

D x

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