Finding the time to be a mom and work on your fitness is always a challenge. There are ways and means of finding time for working out as a mom, but one of the most overlooked solutions is actually one of the simplest: why not involve your children in your workout?

After all, children need exercise just as much as adults do, both for their current health and for their future development. As noted by, physically active children are more likely to live healthier lives than adults. While much of a child’s need for exercise is met by general playing, involving your children with your own workouts could be a neat “two birds with one stone” option that is well worth considering. If you want to give it a try, here’s a few pointers that can help make the process as smooth as possible…

Outdoor workouts with kids

  • Teach safety first. If you’re going to be exercising outdoors with older children, take the time to brief your kids on general pedestrian safety before every workout. This may seem excessive but, sadly, the risk of accidents has to be factored in; as you can see at, this kind of accident is all too common. So a quick runthrough of the basic rules of being near a road is always going to be beneficial.
  • Avoid workouts around rush hour. It is worth noting that due to their height and closer proximity to the ground, children tend to inhale higher levels of toxic pollution than adults do. While this is always a factor to be aware of, it is particularly important when exercising, as your children will likely be breathing more rapidly due to exertion.

Even if you are working out in a park or playground, it is still preferable to workout at times when the pollution levels are likely to be lower. This primarily means avoiding outdoor workouts during the morning and evening rush hours. This precaution is particularly important if your child suffers from respiratory conditions – such as asthma – that may be irritated by exposure to toxic fumes.

Indoor workout with kids

  • Prepare the space for maximum safety. When working out with kids indoors, it’s vital to have a free, open space that ensures everyone will be able to move freely and safely. Push all furniture back against the walls and ensure that the floor offers sufficient grip; it may even be wise to wash a pair of sneakers and have your children wear these while exercising indoors.
  • Try calm activities such as yoga. If space is at a premium, then you could always opt for gentle exercises that doesn’t involve running around – yoga, for example, is a great “rainy day” choice. There are even specialist yoga videos on YouTube that are designed to make the practice fun for children, such as this great Wizard of Oz themed option:

In conclusion

By involving your children in your workout routine, they will experience a health benefit while you are guaranteed to have the time you need to work on your own fitness – a veritable win/win situation!

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