I’ve recently began collaborating with my fellow bloggers on an array of different topics. From Mental Health to Parenting and everything else in between. This is the start of a new series on my blog whereby I will share some new bloggers with you all.

This post is dedicated to all things BLW (that’s Baby Led Weaning to those of you who don’t know). This is when you offer your child age appropriate food items to eat on their own, as opposed to spoon-feeding. It cuts out the need for pureed baby foods and encourages your child to feed themselves.

My son has a very strong aversion to textures and so we weren’t able to try this form of weaning with him. However, Katelynn from Hampers & Hiccups has done this with her children and has more information to share on the subject.



Q. What made you decide that now is the right time to start “Baby-Led Weaning”?

AI weaned my daughter with BLW and it went SO well we knew we would do so with our son, too. They were both early eaters. I had to hold them off until 5 – 5 1/2 months. I waited until they were showing signs of wanting to eat. We always had them join us at meals unless they were napping, so they learned really quick what food was.

Q. How have you prepared for this?

AThere’s no prep! BLW is so easy. A little forethought into what you are having for meals is all you need. Babies can eat most of what we eat so it’s really easy and great for lazy mamas like me!

Q. Why do you think it’s important to do “Baby-Led” as opposed to just feeding yourself?

A. I read (aff link) before we started feeding my daughter. It just made so much sense. Babies are better able to learn how to prevent choking and discover for themselves with BLW. I also loved the idea of not pureeing everything together into a pile of indistinguishable slop.

Q. Are you preparing all food yourself or are you happy to use ready-made/ packaged foods?

A99% of our meals are home cooked, so that’s what my kids eat. Yes, they do get packaged snacks, but those are treats. We can’t afford to be eating that kind of stuff all the time! Plus, it’s not as healthy. I’ve experimented with lots of BLW “cookies”.

Q. Do you have any advice for parents who are unsure of when to start the process?

ADefinitely read (aff link) and watch your baby for cues. Every baby is different. Bring him/her to meal times with you from birth (if possible) so he/she can get used to the experience. Start with something easy to hold since little ones don’t have as much dexterity. Once he/she starts taking toys to his/her mouth, he/she is probably getting close to being ready.


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Hope you all enjoyed this post lovelies and look out for some more collaborations coming your way soon.

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