Parenting A Toddler

This is the second post in my new series whereby I collaborate with my fellow bloggers on an array of different topics. From Mental Health to Parenting and everything else in between.

This post is dedicated to all things Parenting and more specifically, parenting a toddler!

There are many things I feel I prepared well for when I found out I was expecting, but let me tell you, being in charge of the fussiest, most mischievous, tiny human in the world was not one of those things.

I often wondered how other parents feel about this stage in childhood, and so I asked.


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Q. Did you under/over-estimate the difficulty of raising a toddler?
ADefinitely underestimated!  When I decided to have a baby that’s as far as I thought.  I thought ‘I’m ready for a baby’ and didn’t think much further than that.  Of course they turn into toddlers, then children and become more annoying than ever (joking).  I did see other parents with toddlers screaming in supermarkets or having tantrums in restaurants and of course I smuggly thought my child will never be like that…. oh how wrong I was!
Q. Describe your worst day with your toddler? (No judgements here – so be as honest as possible)
A. Probably most days!  He’s now three, but we’ve been having the terrible twos since he was about 18 months old and it continues.  He’s just so stubborn so from the minute he wakes up he doesn’t want to do anything I want or need him to.  It’s a battle to get him dressed as he refuses all items of clothing, then he’ll ask for say toast but when I give it him he’ll push it away and say he wants cereal, then he won’t put shoes/hat/coat on for the nursery and school run, then I have to drag him screaming to nursery and school or else he’ll sit on the pavement in protest and not move…. aaaaaagh!  The day goes on and on like this!
Q. Describe your best day with your toddler?
A. When he comes in my bedroom first thing carrying the clothes he wants to wear and I know it won’t be a wrestle to get him into them!  Then he’ll eat whatever cereal I give him and will walk holding my hand at a good pace on the school runs! Ha!  Basically the exact opposite of question 2!  he’ll also not argue with his sister and will tell me he loves me lots, or in his words ‘ mum, my lub you’.
Q. What’s the best piece of parenting advice you’ve ever been given?
A. I think I read it somewhere, but it goes something like ‘you’ll be judged no matter what you do, so do it how you want to do it’
Q. What’s the worst?
A. When people say the housework can wait.  Wait for what?  The magical cleaning fairy to come and clean it all up when I’m not looking?  It really can’t wait as if I don’t clean the house there will be more and more washing and cleaning to do and it will get worse and worse.  So no, it can’t wait, I need to stay on top of it as best I can!  Such a stupid comment that always wound me up!
Q. Do you have a go-to site that you use when you need help with parenting? (Website/ Blog)
A. In the early days I used to get the Baby Centre emails which were great as I signed up with my kids DOBs so I got relevant emails for their exact ages.  Now I just go with the flow really and don’t read any advice really.
Q. What’s your views on disciplining your toddler?
A. I will speak in a firm voice when he is misbehaving and I will use a naughty step on occasion if he continues to push it.
Q. Do you have any toddler-hacks you can share? (Tried & Tested methods)
A. I now won’t give him his vitamin in the morning (which he loves) until he’s ready to leave the house – mouth wiped, shoes and hat and whatever else on, bag ready.  First one ready gets their vitamin first so now my kids love to get ready to leave the house!  Pretty sure it’s bribery, but it works…
Q. Are there any public figures/ celebrities that you look up to because of their parenting.
A. I don’t follow any celebrities.  There are some mum blogs I love, but more for the blogging and mum in business side of things rather than knowing their parenting methods.
Q. What advice would you give to a parent with an infant approaching toddler age?
A. Good luck!  Ha!  Just kidding.  It’s a lot of fun and very rewarding, but extremely exhausting too and that’s OK.  It’s fine to feel overwhelmed some days.  That’s normal.  I think on the bad days I just remember the quote ‘this too shall pass’.  It’s not forever, tomorrow they’ll be an angel and soon they’ll be 18 and moving out before we know it…!
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