I’m Not Ready

in autism, parenting, 28th August 2018

Starting Nursery & Separation Anxiety

My little man starts nursery tomorrow and I am not ready for it. In my head I know that it’s the right thing for him and that it will help him with his development, but I’m just not ready.

I’m terrified that he’ll feel anxious and no-one will notice.

Or that he’ll feel overwhelmed and need a mummy cuddle, but can’t get one.

What if he falls and hurts himself and nobody sees it because he generally doesn’t make a fuss?

What if he starts speaking and I’m not there to hear it?

How do you shake this feeling? I’m really asking!!! 

He’s my baby and it’s my job to protect him, so having that control taken away is awful!!! It makes me feel sick to my stomach. 

How do other mothers handle this??? PLEASE TELL ME!!!

I don’t lack in common sense and so I know that this place and these people will help him with all of his sensory challenges, but I can’t help feeling like I’m just handing my baby over to a stranger. A stranger who doesn’t know what his grunts and noises mean. A stranger who won’t be able to see just from the look on his face that he’s having a moment and needs a bit of attention. 

Tomorrow will be so difficult. I’m praying we can both get through it. 

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