The summer holidays are just around the corner and well, most of you are probably pulling your hair out to come up with things that are going to keep the children entertained. While letting them play between themselves and allowing them time to watch TV works, it only works for a small amount of time and then yep, you guessed it. You’re left with children that are bored and whining at you to entertain them. To solve this problem, take a look at these wonderful ideas for this years summer holidays.

Photo by Hisu lee on Unsplash

Get the paddling pool out

One thing that we have been blessed with this year is beautiful weather – so make the most of it! You can buy paddling pools fairly cheap from most supermarkets at the moment and no matter what age your children are, they won’t be able to resist cooling off and having some fun splashing their siblings (and probably you) with some refreshing water. Why not buy a set of super soakers and start a water fight so that you can all cool off while having a lot of fun?

Get crafty with the kids

Another thing that all children love is getting crafty. The idea of a ton of glitter and glue everywhere is enough to send most Mums into panic mode, but not to worry, you can simply take the arty and crafty materials into the garden with some old newspaper and voila! No more messy home! Why not make something together for your home like a new ornament or piece of artwork for the walls? Take a look at Glue Guns Direct’s collection of glue guns for crafts so that anything you do stick together is going to stay stuck for you and your children to admire.

Give them a camera each

Have you ever wondered how your children see the world and the things that truly excite them or catch their eye? Why not give your children a disposable camera each and ask them to take pictures of the things they love the most? This might be a flower in the garden, or even a special teddy of theirs. At the end of the summer holidays, get the pictures developed and create a scrapbook together to remember their summer holidays with.

Teach them something new

Use the time you’ve got together in the summer holidays to teach them a new skill. This could be helping you with baking their favourite cakes, or even how to fold and put away their own laundry. Anything that will make them feel grown up and like they are helping you will keep them entertained for hours!

Give them a project each

Finally, consider giving your children a project for the summer holidays. Perhaps they could pick their favourite fruit and vegetables and plant them in the garden to tend to over the next six weeks? Either way, having something to be proud of at the end of their summer holidays will be a wonderful feeling for both them and you!

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