It would appear I am a bit rusty on the old blog post front. I’ve been absent for quite a few weeks, with only previously scheduled posts going up recently. What can I say? Life just got a little too hectic. And when I say hectic I mean it!!! Family life was just crazy… Relatives hospitalised… A very sensory-overloaded toddler… A stressed out hubby… And me… tired, anxious and just in need of a break! So a break is what we took. Myself, my amazing hubby and our boy took a few days off from life and spent it at a caravan park down south.


It was just what we needed. Quiet, peaceful… Serene even!


It was an opportunity for all 3 of us to recharge our batteries and just enjoy being with each other.

It was wonderful.


My boy had some much needed time and space to let loose and get all of that nervous energy out of his system, as well as enjoying some playtime with his daddy.


And as if the beautiful views surrounding us weren’t enough, we even had a daily dose of ducks, geese and swans swarming around us, entertaining my boy with their loud (and often obnoxious) squawking.


Bliss… Sheer bliss!

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