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Throughout our early adult years, we have a lot of responsibility in our lives. One of the things which we will find ourselves totally in control of for the first time is our health. When we no longer live at home, we need to make good choices every day to keep us healthy and strong. There are a lot of different things we can do to stay healthy and happy. Here are a few choices you can make today.

Enjoy your workouts

It is important if you want to lead a more active lifestyle to find activities you enjoy doing. There’s no sense in working hard in the gym if you hate every time you step on the treadmill. Workouts can take up a lot of time so instead of forcing yourself to do something you hate, find something you love. There are a lot of activities out there that you might never have even tried. Go out there and see what you can find!

Drink water

Water is crucial for the function of our body. It is important for us to be able to drink as much water as we can each day to stay fit and strong. Water helps to plump up our cells and flush out toxins and bactiera from the body. Try to drink around 2 litres of water every day if you can.

Quit Smoking

If you are a smoker, you’ll know how hard it can be to stop. The habit can be damaging to your body and your mind too. Make sure that you make a real effort to cut down and quit smoking because it will free your lungs and make you much less at risk when it comes to diseases. Be careful how you try to quit and make sure that you are able to maintain this good choice!

Stand up

Will the real slim shady please stand up?

Did you know that inactivity is one of the leading causes of obesity and heart disease? We have a culture where many of us sit at desks each day for work. Over time this can actually be super damaging to our body. If you do work in an office ask for a standing desk or get up and walk around every hour or so to stretch your legs. It is important for you to do this because it will keep your metabolism working all through the day.

Drink in moderation

Most of us like a good tipple now and again. But it seems as though every celebration involves heading to the pub for a drink or two. If you feel that you are drinking too much alcohol, it is a good idea for you to cut down. If you can have one drink instead of two this can really make an impact on your health. It means you can still have a good time and not miss out on the fun.

Get Health Insurance

If you don’t live in the UK you won’t have access to free medical care, and this is why it is important for you to get some health insurance. Health insurance can make the world of difference to you should you have an accident or develop a disease. It means you won’t be left with a huge bill to pay. This is a smart financial choice, giving you peace of mind that when you need medical help, you can get everything that you need.

Love You

For our own sanity and happiness, it is important for us to love who we are inside and out. This might seem like a challenge for you in your younger years. Growing into adulthood can be stressful and many of us can feel like we are falling behind on life. But don’t fret, just make sure that you are happy and healthy and that you appreciate the good in yourself. Look in the mirror and point out the things you like about yourself. It could be your eyes, your skin or even your curves. Note these in your mind and carry these with you throughout your life. Confidence can make a whole lot of difference to you and it will show to everyone else too.

See your friends

One of the things which can be incredibly difficult when we reach adulthood is arranging time to see our friends. It seems as though everyone has their own schedules and none of them ever line up. This can leave you feeling pretty hopeless. Make sure you take the time. Even if it is only an hour and a cup of coffee with a friend. Your friends are important people in your life. Seeing them will help you stay connected and help reduce the stress in your life.

Learn to cook healthy meals

For some reason, there has always been a misconception that unhealthy meals are easier to make than a healthy one. Well, this is just plain wrong! Healthy food can be super simple to make and can make a lot of difference to your family. Being able to cook a few quick and healthy dishes will make a lot of difference to your health. For example a super simple meal to make would be chicken salad pittas. All you have to do is grab a roasting dish, cook 4 chicken breasts in a mix of tarragon, oregano, paprika, and ginger. Pull the chicken apart to make juicy strips and serve this with a simple salad of lettuce, tomato, and cucumber. Add some houmous, tzatziki and serve with toasted pittas.

Find a doctor you like

When we are kids it’s easy for us to see the doctor because our parents would always book the appointment for us. But when we get older we need to make our own appointments. This can make it harder for us to end up going. Having to book our own appointment often means we forget to book one at all. This can leave us without medical care when we really need it. A regular checkup is good to have and it is important to find a doctor you like and trust. If you have had the same doctor since childhood this is easy, if not it’ll be a bit of trial and error to find one you like. Once you know you have a good doctor you’ll be more likely to make those appointments.

Know your health history

When we grow into adulthood it is important for us to start thinking about our body more. Part of this is to ask your parents if your family has a history of any illnesses. It is important to do this because you will find things out which could help you change your lifestyle. If your family has a history of a certain disease this will allows you to be more cautious about the decisions you make.

Be mindful

Mindfulness is the idea of being present wherever you are in the world at any time. Practicing the art of mindfulness is important. It can allow us to enjoy every moment of our day instead of living life in autopilot. When it comes to being mindful it is important that we are paying attention and make better decisions.

Have safe sex

Sex is a natural part of life and something we all enjoy now and again. When we reach our twenties it is important to make the decision on the kind of contraception methods we want to use. Contraception is a great way to enjoy sex safely and won’t result in pregnancy or STD’s. There are many different methods you can use such as the pill, implant, injection and more. It is worth reading up on each to come up with a decision that suits you and your lifestyle. Once you have your chosen method you can enjoy as much sex as you want, knowing you won’t be risking anything as a result of it.

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