Different NOT Less

I’ve written about my beautiful boy a million times and those of you who are regular readers of mine will know the battles he has faced and continues to face even now. 


But there are people who don’t understand, and more importantly, don’t care to understand. These are the same people who complain when somebody swears on tv or tut under their breath when you get in their way in the supermarket. So why do they bother me so much? When I know that their hearts are full of hate they have no joy in their lives, why do I feel anything other than pity towards them? Because it’s not me they’re discriminating against, it’s my son, and that cuts me to my core. 

So let me just lay it out for those people by saying this:

  • My son is not misbehaving when he gets upset in a public place – He is in fact suffering from sensory overload whereby his brain cannot process his surroundings and so it goes into overdrive. Anyway, even if he is misbehaving maybe you should rethink those judgy “tuts” and instead offer an understanding nod or better still ask if you can help!
  • My son is not being intrusive or inappropriate if he approaches you or attempts to make eye contact with you – He is in fact seeing something good in you (somewhere deep down in the pit of your black soul). This is not something he does often and so when you look back at him with disgust it takes every ounce of will power in my body to stop myself from launching a fist and a whole bunch of expletives your way!!! 
  • Yes, my son is clearly an older toddler and he still uses a dummy. SHOCKING! This is for two reasons. 1 – he likes it and 2 – it stimulates his oral sensory challenges. Keep your critical eyes to yourself!
  • When my son flaps his hands and squeals loudly it might be annoying to you, but it is in fact his way of expressing the happiness he’s feeling at that moment (Something you might not know that much about)!

So of course, this only applies to a very small minority of people, but it’s enough to grind my gears, so I felt like getting it out and off my chest was a good idea! 

Thank you AS EVER to all of you lovely people who only have love and positive things to say about my little monkey. You are the good ones!

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