I hope you all had a wonderful sunny weekend like we did. This weekend was all about family time for us. We spent the majority of the day with my mum on Saturday which was lovely as we don’t often get the chance to do this. Then on Sunday we had a quiet, calm family day in the house. Just my hubby, the tiny human and I. It was much needed.

Matthew has been very overwhelmed recently and it’s had me thinking long and hard about ways in which I can optimise his life and make him the happiest version of himself.

It’s tough when you have a sensory-challenged child as often the slightest change in circumstance can push them to their limits, so for Matthew, that’s something we have to be careful about.

These are obviously our strategies , but I believe they can be applied to all children alike:


Matthew is a rambunctious toddler with a very strong mind of his own so it’s often hard to get on the same level as him. This is where being patient is key. Allowing him to do things in his own time (within reason) and steering clear of time restraints lets him know that we aren’t rushing him and we are happy and willing to wait. This is demonstrated best when Matthew eats as he is very fussy and can often take a long time to finish a meal. Giving him the space and the time to do so always makes a big difference.


I once read a story where a little girl recalled being younger and trying to get her parents attention when she was playing, but to no avail as they were more interested in their phones/ TV/ anything else! It shook me. I’m very aware of how much time I spend on social media and it’s not healthy by any means. However, I’ve made a real effort to focus all of my time and energy into my tiny human throughout the day and get my social media fix when he goes to bed. This way he knows I want to spend time with him.


Whenever Matthew does anything worthy of a hurrah we give him it. Whether it’s finishing his dinner, repeating a word or rolling the ball to us. Any positive action deserves an equally positive reaction. I for one do not believe that you can “over-praise” your child as long as it’s for the right reasons!


Matthew is sensory-challenged and so this is a big one for us. He often gets overwhelmed throughout the day from simply being him. Therefore I like to take 20 minutes or so to have a time out with him. We lie on the couch together, watch some Peppa Pig together and have a cuddle. I also take this opportunity to give him some deep pressure in his arms and hands, which goes a long way to bringing him back down to earth. I cherish these quiet moments and Matthew, despite always moving at 100 miles per hour, has really began to enjoy them.


This one goes without saying. My son is the absolute love of my life and I let him know that every single day. He’s still young and doesn’t understand a lot of what I say to him but I say it regardless. EVERY SINGLE DAY. Your child, if nothing else, should feel loved. They should feel like the most prized possession you have. Anything short of that and you’re not doing your job as a loving parent.

So it’s not rocket science by any means, but its a good set of rules to live by. To remind yourself in those moments of weakness, that the simplest of things can make your child happy.

D x

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