As you all know, I’m a busy mum to a very, lets say rambunctious toddler. Fortunately, I have the luxury of being self-employed and therefore have the time to spend at home with him… which I love… but this of course is very tiring as you can imagine.

Dinnertime in particular can be a big challenge. Trying to be the perfect little wifey to my hardworking husband and have dinner on the table when he walks through the door is easier said than done. Especially when I spend the majority of my day making sure the aforementioned toddler isn’t diving off the furniture or eating my houseplants.

So when I was presented with the opportunity to make my life a little easier I jumped at the chance. This is where BritMums comes in. They are working on a campaign with Rustlers to make weekend family meals easier and more fun, especially for those of us who find there’s not enough hours in the day. Even better is that Rustlers offer not only a quality and super affordable choice of meals, but they are so convenient and take almost no time at all to prepare.

So this post is an entry for BritMums ‘Rustlers Burger Hacking Challenge’, sponsored by Rustlers.

Luckily for us, the tiny human actually enjoys chicken and so the Southern Fried Chicken Burgers were a fab choice. Now, given the fact that he is not only a toddler, but also on the spectrum, we decided that to avoid a messy disaster in the kitchen his dad and I would design his own little burger.

We added a cheese slice and baby spinach to his burger, with a side of carrot batons, cucumber, celery and hummus.


I’d say we were semi-successful in our endeavours with the tiny human eating the entire burger (even with the spinach) despite using the carrots as hummus dipped projectiles.

Regardless we counted this as a victory!

When the clock rolled around to 7.30pm, we promptly got the toddler down to sleep and began sorting out our own dinner.

Inspired by the tiny humans bravery at eating the added spinach, we decided to take the healthier route and ditch the fries and onion rings we had previously decided on.

We toasted the buns and added a cheese slice, spinach and some sweet chilli jam. This was accompanied by spicy couscous and chickpeas, and a side salad comprising of spinach and cucumber with some of the Rustlers peppered mayo as a dressing.

It was a great combination of healthy and delicious, and genuinely tasted like a burger we would order in a restaurant.


As a mum and wife I always get bogged down with the pressure of creating healthy meals from scratch, which for the most part I am happy to do. But come the weekend, when all I want to do is spend quality time with my family and enjoy our time together, being stuck in the kitchen for hours is the absolute last thing on my mind. So I encourage all of you mums and dads out there, to let yourself indulge in some quick and convenient meal ideas. Not only was this a fun thing to do as a family, but it was cost effective, delicious and not too heavy on the old calories.

Get yourself down to Tesco and check out the Rustlers section, there’s loads of delicious options to try from, and get creative in the kitchen with your family!

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