Have you ever been a victim of financial fraud? I have and it’s not a nice feeling. My bank account was wiped out in one fell swoop and I had absolutely no control over it. The scary thing is though, with all the advancements in digital banking and contact-less payments, fraudsters are working round the clock on coming up with new ways of stealing your money. That is an unsettling thought.

Now I know what you’re thinking… This isn’t my usual type of post. It isn’t, but I recently discovered a Kickstarter campaign called RFIDCloaked.


RFID Cloaked is a private limited company based in Exeter, Devon. Established in the South West of England in 2015, we manufacture and supply RFID blocking cards for ID cards, contactless payment credit and debit cards. We also supply our material as NFC and electromagnetic shielding film/ fabrics.

Our shielding films protect against radio frequencies: such as Bluetooth, Wifi, RFID and NFC, 3 and 4G mobile phone  signals

We protect and secure ID cards (Identification) and payment cards from being hacked, skimmed and cloned from the most powerful RFID and NFC readers for frequencies of 13.56Mhz and 125Khz.

Basically this Kickstarter is taking a stand against financial fraud. They have created an amazing little device that can protect your debit and credit cards from the wrong people. Don’t think it’s a problem? Well yes it is… And it’s getting worse. Click here to read an example of what we’re up against.

Terrifying isn’t it? £3.5 million stolen from ordinary peoples pockets. People like you and I who are just ordinary, family people trying to earn a living and enjoy our lives.

1 blocking card placed between 2 cards is protected. If you have several bank cards in your purse or wallet then 1 blocking card placed at either end will protect up to 5 cards between it. It gives you absolute peace of mind that your finances are protected at all times when you’re out and about.

So the great thing about this Kickstarter is that this wonderful company are offering you all the chance to get yourself one of these cards. FREE! I’m a stay-at-home mum with a hubby that works his fingers to the bone week in and week out. The last thing I want to have to worry about is making sure our finances are safe and secure, especially being a self-confessed shopaholic. So to get your FREE blocking card just click here, all you need to pay is the small postage cost and it’s yours.

Don’t miss out lovelies. Mines are sitting neatly in my purse protecting my cards at all times. It’s just one less thing for a mum to worry about.

D x

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