This is going to be a random little segment in my blog where I will most likely bore any readers with my ramblings. Still, I’m making a conscientious effort to stop bottling up my thoughts and feelings and felt this would be a good way of efficiently channelling them from my messed up noggin to “paper” (as it were).

So today’s thoughts go like this…

I have spent the morning organising blog posts for the next week and I have been making lists of future posts I’d like to tackle. I’ve been reading blogs and watching Youtubers for a good few years now and it has seriously become my absolute favourite pastime. There is no clear indication of what it is that they all do that makes them so popular and interesting to follow… Other than  that they’re being brave enough to share it all.

I’m a very sentimental person and being a photographer I am even more inclined to capture every possible moment in our lives that is of any significance… Sometimes not even that… Sometimes I just like to capture my son smiling and playing… That’s always wonderful. But part of me has always wanted to create home videos for us to all look back and enjoy as we get older. However, I feel too self-conscious to do it. I don’t necessarily want to post the videos for public consumption, but even the idea of me standing in front of the camera, especially in video form where I can’t edit my crooked smile or chunky frame, fills me with absolute dread!


At the same time, my head is screaming to me…

“Get over it… Your son and husband don’t think like that… They see you everyday in the flesh…  Right in front of them… And they still love you”.

But the dread doesn’t come from them watching it… It’s me!!! 

This is just something I have to work on. Life is just too short, and I know I will deeply regret it when I’m an old, wrinkly woman wanting to reminisce about the good old days!

Ramblings over! 🙂

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