Family Time

in Lifestyle, mental health, 29th January 2018

I had a very rare night out with family tonight. One without the tiny human. And it was great!

He was safely running circles around his Granda while I was able to sit down and apply makeup without singing Old McDonalds Farm on a loop.

I was also able, to eat dinner in a restaurant without having to make sure all of the sharp objects were out of the reach of the aforementioned tiny human.

I drank Gin and had adult conversations (albeit they all included some sort of cute story about the tiny human) and I enjoyed it… thoroughly!

I have such a wonderful extended family and we don’t see each other often enough at all, so it’s always a wonderful thing to be able to spend time with them and catch up. My relationships are important to me and I often feel like being a mum, no matter how much I love it and wouldn’t change it, has made me a much more boring person.

Does anybody else feel like that?

Like being a mum is all that you are now?!?!?

In the same breath, as soon as it hit 10pm I was more than ready to go home and be a mum again. I missed my tiny human terribly and despite him barely realising I had left, I was riddled with “mum guilt” for leaving him in the first place!

This my lovelies, is the absolute headache I deal with on a daily basis.

The inner workings of a crazy mums brain, if you will.

I imagine I have a lot more of this to come!

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