in Lifestyle, 13th September 2017

I feel very strange writing this post this morning. It’s almost surreal to me that these words are even real but Matthew has officially been discharged from the Chronic Lung Clinic.


We had our LAST EVER Chronic Lung appointment at the hospital on Friday with his amazing consultant and after examining Matthew and thoroughly assessing him, he was satisfied that he no longer needs to see him, and can pass him over to the Paediatric Asthma Clinic.


This is one of many clinics Matthew has been attending since he was discharged from hospital, and to be honest, as far as his overall health goes, this was the most serious of all his clinics. So to hear, straight from the doctors mouth, that Matthew is well enough and strong enough within himself that he no longer needs to attend this clinic, is just music to our ears.


Michael and I are both very proud of how far our boy has come since he was born. He has quite literally made his way from being fully ventilated and unable to breathe for himself, to right now at this very moment where he is running around the livingroom, unaided by any breathing equipment and unaware of just how amazing he is.


Developmentally, it’s an entirely different story – but as long as I know my boy is strong and able to fight off any illnesses that come his way with minimal medical support, I am one very happy mummy.


Let’s smash the next big milestone my boy!


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