A Disastrous Day

in autism, parenting, 30th October 2018

Hellish Appointments

So yesterday we had Matthews dreaded eye appointment at the hospital. We’ve been waiting months for this appointment and not with any sense of excitement let me tell you. 

This particular eye test is a very traumatic one for Matthew and he needs to be held down by both Michael and I in order to do it. It’s a hard one. Even more so since Autism became a part of our lives. 

But to say it was a disaster is an understatement. 

We got to Matthews appointment only to find out his Ophthalmologist was off sick and he was just being given another standard eye test with the nurse.

Raging is an understatement!!!

So being unable to keep my mouth shut about the months of waiting for this appointment, they finally decided to send in the optometrist (who works with adults) to examine Matthews eyes.

Well to say they were inexperienced with children is an understatement… Never mind a child on the spectrum.

It was horrendous.

Just As We Predicted

Matthew screamed the place down, the optometrist was so flustered that they barely managed to see any of his eyes and so we left with another appointment for a fortnights time and a very traumatised little boy.

It’s times like these where you just feel completely failed by the system. We will be forever grateful for the wonderful care the NHS has given our boy, but since Autism has become a part of his and our lives it’s gotten more and more difficult to get him the medical attention he needs.

Luckily he was completely exhausted from the days events and despite struggling to fall asleep, he managed to stay asleep the whole night and has woken up in a wonderful mood.


I’m so thankful for this boy. He is a ray of sunshine and the world needs more people like him. 

D x

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