Good morning lovelies.

I’ve been trying my best to branch out a bit with my posts and deliver some new and fresh content for you all to read. So I thought I would try out a little DITL post whereby I will share all of the ins and outs of a regular day for our family. The office hours of the Stay-At-Home-Mum, if you will.

Please don’t be expecting masses of excitement and thrilling suspense, because we lead a fairly normal life, but I wanted to share it nonetheless.

Wednesday 4th July


I woke up at just after 8am this morning with the remainder of yesterdays dull headache still very much present. The bed was empty as the hubby gets up at 6.30am and leaves for his work at 7am. There are 2 fans circulating what can only be described as hot and humid air around the bedroom, and I can see from the light peaking through the blinds that the sun is shining.

I got up out of bed at about 8.30am after having a nosey in my phone, as well as checking on the tiny human. He was still sleeping. I do however, have to wake him soon as he has an appointment with his GI Consultant this morning about his GERD.

I always feel awful waking him when he’s sound asleep. He struggles a lot these days to fall into a deep sleep and so it just feels wrong to wake him from his slumber. But wake him I must.


I go into the tiny humans bedroom to find him snoring loudly and not happy about being woken. It takes around 10 minutes to get him up and downstairs where I get him changed, washed and dressed for the day. He is then given his morning medication and we have to wait 15 minutes before he eats. In that time we have a sing and a dance to his Spotify playlist (yes he has his own).


My hubby arrives home so he can take the tiny one to his appointment. He tends to always try and get away from work to go to them. He has several different clinics and consultants because of his prematurity and all of the problems that have arisen from that and so this is a pretty regular occurence for him.

This morning I’m feeling a little anxious. We had an appointment yesterday afternoon, and they aren’t usually so close together so I’m normally fine. But today I feel sick to my stomach and so my hubby is going to take him on his own.

The idea of this alone is sending my anxiety crazy because it will be the first of his appointments that I’ve missed. I know that it’s for the best though and I will busy myself around the house while they’re away.


After finishing his Pain Au Chocolat, the hubby takes the tiny human for his appointment.

I tidy the living room and put a load of washing in the machine. I make a sandwich for my hubby to eat when he gets home and I catch up on last nights episode of Love Island.


My boys arrive home with good news that the tiny ones medication is working well, hes gaining weight steadily and getting taller steadily too. All good news which makes me feel much better about not being there with him.

Unfortunately the hubby has to rush back to work for the rest of the day so the tiny one and I settle on the couch for a cuddle and some Peppa Pig (save my soul).


Because he was woken up this morning, my boy is very tired still and grumpy so I give him some crackers and a heated bottle to see if he will fall over for a nap. It doesn’t work straight away but he is getting more and more sleepy by the second.


The hubby calls from work. It’s his lunchtime and he calls every day at this time. He’s a yard foreman and is melting in the 26 degree heat with his hardhat and boiler suit! I love that we have a heatwave just now, but my hubby not so much.

I come off the phone to find my boy has demolished the living room and is attempting to climb onto my windowsill. He’s like a hurricane honestly. So its time for some calming tactics. Wireless headphones and his Spotify playlist, on the couch with his cuddle blanket and dummy. I can almost guarantee it will result in a nap… And as expected he’s snoozing within 10 minutes.


I’ll admit it guys, I’m exhausted today and the idea of a little mummy nap is very appealing. So I’ll lie down on the couch and see what happens.


I wake up to the little boy moving off the couch opposite me. Not gonna lie, it was a pretty epic nap folks. I have no regrets. Let it be known however, that this a rarity for me. I’m not a napper. But today was just one of those situations where the stars all aligned and it was meant to be!


The baby has a little snack and drink, and I quickly tidy up his path of destruction again. I then start sorting out dinner, which isn’t anything special. It’s pies, chips and beans all round. What a mother and wife I am!


My hubby arrives home to save my sanity. I’ve now tidied about 15 times, stopped the tiny one from climbing the windowsill about 10 times, pried the house phone from his sticky fingers before he dialled 999 about 10 times, and caught him midair after throwing himself off the furniture about 30 times.

I need a gin!!!


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