Curing Autism With Food?

in autism, parenting, 18th January 2019

Do you believe in the need for curing autism? I’d really like to know if you do. It’s something that I feel quite strongly about, given the fact that my son is on the spectrum, but I always wonder what the opposite end of the debate looks like and why.

I recently considered trying to change Matthew from a “normal” diet to gluten and casein-free. There had been some research highlighted to me which suggested children with ASD might have certain digestive deficiencies and therefore switching to this diet may be beneficial for their gut and overall development. Now don’t be kidded, the “overall development” portion of this research that was of interest to me was not in fact that idea of curing autism, but making autism more manageable for my son.

curing autism with food


However, after spending hours doing my own research on the diet and how to introduce it to him, something occurred to me. I can barely get him to eat the foods he does at the moment, how am I going to get him to eat a whole new list of foods while depriving him of the ones that he actually will eat.

Not only that, and this may sound selfish, but I honestly don’t know if I have the energy to fight with him to eat things he isn’t comfortable with. It’s already an uphill battle and I’m struggling to function on the little energy I have at my disposal, never mind having to basically restart the weaning process all over again.

Looking for a cure?

The thing I probably dislike more than the inconvenience to Matthews routine is the articles that run alongside the information regarding the diet. Phrases like “Curing Autism” do more damage that one might think. I was going to include a link to one specific site that is full of nonsense like this, but if you’d like to read it then a have a search on google and I’m sure you’ll find it.

I have no desire to “cure” my son of Autism. He is who he is and autism is a big part of that. Of course, if I could lessen the pain and distress he often feels then I would. But I don’t know what the future holds. Matthew might one day go on to do incredible things. He might not. Both are just fine with me.

Anyway, this seems to have turned into more of a rant than an informative post. Alas, I’m an Autism Mama on a mission, let’s stop focusing on curing autism and instead shift our focus towards awareness and acceptance!!!

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