Last year I wrote a post all about what was inside my little boys changing bag, but given that hes now almost 3 and on the spectrum, I thought I’d update you all with the contents we consider imperative when leaving the house.



Matthew isn’t toilet trained, nor does he have any understanding whatsoever of the concept. Therefore we are still very much reliant on nappies at the minute until such times as he is ready to come off them. I don’t imagine this will be any time soon however.


Matthew has Chronic Lung Disease and Asthma, therefore we can not and will not leave the house without ensuring we have all of his breathing equipment with us. We have been lucky enough so far (touch wood) that he’s yet to have an asthma attack outside the house, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.


Because of Matthews condition, he is often overwhelmed by the world around him. So we use Ear Defenders. These block out all overbearingly loud noises when we are out. They are a life saver for many children on the spectrum.


Like most children, they can become a bit frustrated and bored when out in public places. Matthew is no exception to the rule. Therefore we always make sure we have some kind of snack with us that suits Matthews dietary needs, as well as water.

Again, like most other children Matthew often needs some sort of stimulation when we’re out the house. However, unlike most other children, he doesn’t really play with toys in a conventional manner. So we tend to stick to sensory stimulating toys that bring him a lot of joy. Enter the Bubble Gun!!!

As well as watching bubbles fly around, he enjoys toys that make sounds. This Maraca in particular is very stimulating for him.


But his absolute favourite thing in the whole world is a ball… and this one in particular. It is filled with glitter, it lights up, it’s heavy in his hands… to Matthew, this is the absolute perfect toy, and for that reason it comes everywhere with us.


Much like most other children with sensory issues, Matthew “mouths” most items. This can range from his own fingers to the tv remote. So we went on a bit of a mission trying to find sensory items that would give him the feedback he so desires from biting and chewing, but to no avail. Until we found this in boots. It’s from Nuby and it’s great. Matthew has chewed this until he’s blue in the face and it’s still on one piece. Would highly recommend this to mums/ dads looking for something to help their little ones.


Finally his Kindle. This has been a life saver to us in so many situations. It has prevented tantrums and meltdowns alike and we could not live without it. We NEVER leave the house without it and it is the best money we have ever spent.

So there you have it lovelies. A little insight into the contents of my toddlers changing bag. All of these items are necessary and invaluable to Matthew as well as us. It makes his and our lives that little bit easier when we go out, and we are so grateful to have discovered all of these wonderful items that make our boy so much happier about leaving the house.

D x

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